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In order to meet the requirements of archives management of listed companies, the company specially invites zhuxuemin, director of the business guidance department of Jinhua Archives Bureau, to teach the basic knowledge of archives management in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of the group

in order to meet the file management requirements of listed companies, improve the file management level of the company, and enhance the file management awareness of all departments, on the morning of August 5, Wang Lianfang Technology Co., Ltd. specially invited Zhu Xuemin, director of the business guidance office of Jinhua Archives Bureau, to teach the basic knowledge of file management in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of the group. A total of more than 200 people above the director level of management headquarters, industries, and business divisions participated in the training

teacher Zhu said that the purpose of this training is to make everyone pay more attention to archival work and form an environment conducive to the development of archival work. Archivists are required to master the basic requirements, basic links and basic methods of archival work, so as to further improve the archival work of enterprises

Mr. Zhu taught the concept of archives, the conditions for transforming documents into archives, the basic attributes and functions of archives, the basic types, the basic conditions, principles and systems of archival work, and focused on the main work links of enterprise archival work: collection, sorting, identification, storage and utilization. He said that the requirements of the archives room are that the warehouse, reading room and office should be separated; The standardized warehouse shall meet the requirements of "eight prevention" and be equipped with relevant facilities and equipment; Requirements for ground load of warehouse (5kn for filing cabinet and 12kn for dense rack). The training content is rich, with theoretical explanations and practical examples, which is highly targeted and operable

through this training, we have an in-depth understanding of the specific contents of archival work, systematically learned the basic knowledge of archival management, and more deeply realized the importance of archives and archival work, laying a solid foundation for further archival work




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