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How to prevent ultraviolet rays in the sunshine room how to prevent ultraviolet rays

how to prevent ultraviolet rays in the sunshine room

the quality of life is always people's pursuit, which is not only reflected in eating, drinking and having fun, but also in the living environment, which has become an indispensable factor in the quality of life. More and more people like the sunshine room, which allows you to get close to nature, bid farewell to the noise of the city, enjoy the tranquility of life, and let you enjoy free space alone, However, while enjoying it, I also worry about ultraviolet radiation. Research shows that the damage of ultraviolet radiation to human body is cumulative, that is, the longer I am exposed to the sun, the greater the damage of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, how to prevent ultraviolet radiation in the sunshine room is particularly important

the sunshine room launched by auborno broken bridge aluminum doors and windows solves this problem:

1: Low-E glass, also known as low radiation glass, is a film product composed of multiple layers of metals or other compounds on the glass surface. Its coating has the characteristics of high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid far red ultraviolet light, which makes it have excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with ordinary glass and traditional coated glass for building

2. Insulating glass plus sunshade louvers: sunshade louvers can effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight to the room, and can achieve the effect of reducing room temperature in summer. At the same time, it has good strength and is not easy to be damaged. By adjusting the angle of the shutter, the indoor can not only control the angle of light, but also increase security, and the concealment effect is relatively good

3. Add a sunshade: by installing a sunshade on the roof of the sunny house, you can block the ultraviolet rays out of the room, so that the ultraviolet rays cannot be transmitted into the room, and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window while blocking

auborno sunshine room has arc roof, slope roof and herringbone roof for you to choose from, and its functions are also very rich. It can be used as a study, studio, lounge, flower room, etc. If you need a sun room with UV protection, obernao is the best choice





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