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Many people may not know much about LED landscape lighting. LED landscape lighting plays a great role in life. Without the decoration of these things, our life will become dim

with the continuous development of economy, the emergence of LED landscape lighting has solved the problem of power shortage and high power consumption to a great extent. Taking LED street lamps, LED tunnel lamps, LED fluorescent lamps as examples, compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products, they have the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, fast response, good driving performance, high efficiency, energy conservation, green environmental protection and so on. Let's introduce LED landscape lighting

1. LED landscape lighting of the tower

led landscape lighting should shape the integrity of the tower. The tower body is usually composed of several basic parts, such as the base, the tower body and the tower top, which form a harmonious whole. The architect gave the corresponding meaning to each part when designing. They all have corresponding functions. From an aesthetic point of view, their aesthetic value lies in erecting a landmark for a region. Therefore, the complete lighting performance of each part of the tower is very important. Only showing a certain part or favoritism will alienate the overall image of the tower. The lighting setting of each part of the tower should consider the needs of viewing. The top part of the tower is usually for long-distance viewing, and the lighting brightness should be appropriately higher; The part of the tower body is often the part with rich details and bearing the architectural style. It is necessary to choose lighting methods specifically, carefully depict the components and carvings of the tower body, and highlight the main parts of the tower body with emphasis on lighting methods; The tower base is a part close to people. The lighting performance of this part is to complete the integrity of the tower image. The lighting set for them should take into account people's feelings when viewing at a close distance. The configuration of lighting brightness, light tone, light projection direction and other aspects should aim at people's visual comfort. As far as the whole tower is concerned, from bottom to top, the illumination of the lighting light should be gradually increased, which can create a sense of towering, and also conform to the visual law when people watch the scenery

2. LED landscape lighting of overpasses

overpasses are often located on the urban traffic arteries and are an important part of the overall effect of urban LED landscape lighting. Looking at the overpass from a high-altitude point in the distance, it is a lane that goes up and down, and then spreads everywhere. The image of the lane is mainly expressed by the railings at the side of the lane. Overpasses are mostly the relationship between levels, vertical overlap of multiple lanes, and the expression of level depth, which can truly reflect the landscape charm of overpasses. Green space should be set in the overpass area, which plays an important role in adjusting the landscape environment of the bridge area and should be fully utilized. Watch the panoramic pattern of the overpass from the high view point. There are not only the line outline of the lane, but also the light composition and light sculpture in the green space, as well as the bright line formed by the street lights in the bridge area. These light elements are combined to form an organic overall picture

3. LED landscape lighting of buildings

night lighting of buildings, the most commonly used are floodlighting, contour lighting, internal light transmission lighting, etc. The floodlighting of the building facade is to use the projection (floodlight) lamp to directly illuminate the building facade at a certain angle calculated according to the design, so as to reshape the night image of the building. Its effect can not only show the whole picture of the building, but also effectively show the shape, three-dimensional sense, stone decoration materials and material texture of the building, as well as the decorative details

floodlighting does not simply reproduce the daytime image of the building, but uses the means of light, color and shadow of projection lighting to reshape the more moving, beautiful and magnificent image of the building at night. Building outline lighting is to use line light sources (string lights, neon lights, Menai lights, light guide tubes, LED light strips, all-in-one light-emitting optical fibers, etc.) to directly outline the building

4. LED landscape lighting of ancient buildings

Chinese classical architecture is unique and has its own system, which has its own inherent characteristics in material, shape, plane and spatial layout. The main buildings are in the middle, and other buildings are developed to both sides according to the central axis. The architectural form is basically composed of three parts: step base, roof and body. The roofs of Chinese classical buildings are often made into soft curves, with cornices and stilts around, covered with grey tiles or glass tiles, which is one of the inherent characteristics of Chinese classical buildings. Therefore, accurately grasping this feature and highlighting it in the form of light at night is the key to the lighting of Chinese classical architecture. The door arch made of crisscross end logs has become the unique formation of Chinese classical architecture. The oil painting of the beam column and door arch increases the beauty of the building through colorful patterns. Using appropriate lamps and choosing appropriate light sources is the focus of Chinese classical architectural lighting. For the lighting treatment of the stage foundation, in view of the fact that the layout, shape, color and materials of Chinese classical buildings are different from those of modern buildings, the lighting, color matching and lamp modeling should be carried out from the starting point of highlighting the characteristics of ancient buildings and striving to accurately express their unique classical architectural culture and artistic connotation. The above is a summary of some types of landscape lighting design. When carrying out specific design, we should flexibly use different landscape lighting according to the specific situation of the designed object

5. LED landscape lighting of the square

the shape and area of the square are amorphous and diverse. The setting of lighting must meet the premise of functional lighting, and give full play to the function of the square according to the inherent characteristics of the square. For the landscape lighting of the square, we should first unify the landscape lighting of the buildings around the square with the lighting of other parts of the square, coordinate the landscape lighting of the square and the square Avenue, and unify the inherent culture. The lighting of the square is mainly composed of fountains, ground and signs of the square, tree arrays, entrance and exit lights of underground shopping malls or subways, and environmental lighting such as surrounding green spaces and flower beds. These are decorated with landscape lights to make them more moving

6. LED landscape lighting of the bridge

modern bridges are mostly modern steel cable-stayed bridges, including double tower cable-stayed bridges and single tower cable-stayed bridges. The shape of cable-stayed bridge is characterized by cables. The lighting of the bridge will focus on this feature. With different lamps and unique artistic techniques, a huge harp will stand on the rivers. In order to set off the overall effect of the program atmosphere of the bridge, an artistic lamp can be placed every 4-5 meters along the road on both sides of the bridge to make it chain into a shining pearl necklace. The floodlighting of the facade of the main tower can be divided into three aspects: when it is cast from below, the whole main tower should be glittering and translucent, flawless and magnificent, which is the top priority of the bridge landscape. In order to make the main tower fully illuminated and have a good perspective effect, a platform should also be set under the road. Floodlights are used to illuminate the tower base above the water surface from top to bottom, making the lighting effect of the tower like a giant standing on the river

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