Excellent dealer of Laoka wardrobe won BMW Award

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On April 25th, 2015, on this sunny day, the 2015 National Sales Champion Award Ceremony of lawka kicked off. The grand BMW award expressed lawka's appreciation for president Liang, a Jiangmen dealer who achieved outstanding results in 2014

on April 25th, 2015, a sunny day, the laureate 2015 national sales champion award ceremony kicked off. The grand BMW award expressed laureate's appreciation for president Liang, a Jiangmen dealer who made outstanding achievements in 2014

choice is more important than effort! Years of loyalty, years of efforts, years of dedication, years of persistence, is the best interpretation of this moment

you are with me in the wardrobe. Because there are a large number of excellent dealers, the future of Laoka will be better and better! Witness the harvest! The harder you work! The luckier! Who will be the first next year? Let's wait and see! Now let's see the handover ceremony:

the grand prize is waiting to be unveiled

congratulations on the award

the award signing ceremony

drive BMW home ~

as a leading brand of fashion customized home furnishings, lacca wardrobe has hired German experts to consult and manage the factory, Italian well-known designers to originally design series products, 0 aldehyde release environmental protection base materials, and has won the top ten brands of overall wardrobe in China for many years in a row. Lawka wardrobe customization belongs to your home life




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