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Instructions for filling the ink duct and nozzle for new inkjet printing

why is the print volume different between the first set of ink cartridges and the second set of ink cartridges for the same inkjet printer? Many users who have used inkjet printing will have such questions. Perhaps some friends will say that some new machines are equipped with trial units with relatively small capacity. 3. Maintenance of the control system of the torque testing machine for auto parts: regularly check whether the connecting lines on the rear panel of the controller are in good contact. Of course, the number of prints will be different from the ink cartridges later. Is there no difference between the first set and the second set of cartridges with the same capacity

in fact, both the experience cartridge and the standard cartridge, the printing volume of the first set is less than that of the second set. For details, please refer to the empty test of the first set of ink cartridges and the second set of ink cartridges conducted by us for two new machines using experience ink cartridges and standard ink cartridges respectively

this is because, when the new machine is not in use, there is no ink in the print head, the channel between the print head and the ink bin (if the new machine is pre filled with multi-functional test software package ink in the ink channel and the print head when it leaves the factory, it is easy to cause the ink to dry up and block the print head, resulting in problems such as print disconnection). When the ink cartridge is loaded, the ink will fill the print head and the ink channel, This requires some ink consumption. Using print head and ink, but Shanghai chlor alkali is a negative enterprise. When the machine uses the water storage separate ink cartridge for the first time, it consumes a little more ink than the head water integrated ink cartridge. So (5) set the test start and end load data and test speed; When you use an inkjet printer for the first time, you need to use a certain amount of ink to fill and clean it. The printing volume will naturally be less than that of the future ink cartridges.

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