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Installation, operation and maintenance of jaw crusher

the jaw crusher shall be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration, a skid or rubber shall be added between the foundation and the frame


1 and 1 keep in touch with us for operation: correct operation is one of the important factors to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the crusher. Improper operation or negligence in the operation process are often the important reasons for equipment and personal accidents. The correct operation is to strictly follow the operating procedures

preparations before starting: before starting the crusher, a comprehensive and careful inspection must be carried out on the crusher. The inspection contents include: the wear of the crusher tooth plate and the adjustment of the size of the ore discharge opening; Check whether there is ore in the crushing chamber. If there is a large ore, it must be taken out; Whether the connecting screws are loose; Whether the protective cover of pulley flywheel is intact; Whether the tightness of V-belt and pull rod spring is appropriate; Whether the lubrication system is in good condition; Whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal

precautions for operation:

1. After starting, if the crusher makes abnormal knocking sound, it should stop running, and restart after identifying and eliminating the defects

2. The crusher must be started without load, and the ore feeding equipment can be started only after the operation is normal. "The ore feeding shall be gradually increased until it is fully loaded

3. The ore shall be fed evenly, and the ore shall not fill the crushing chamber; The maximum size of ore feeding shall not be greater than 0.85 times the width of ore feeding mouth; At the same time, during ore feeding, it is used to prevent non abundant crushing materials such as iron from the mine from entering the crusher; Once these non broken objects are found to pass through the ore discharge outlet, the belt transportation post shall be notified immediately to take them out in time to avoid serious equipment accidents caused by entering the next crusher

during the operation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the block ore blocking the ore feeding mouth, sometimes turning it with an iron hook, and using special tools instead of hands to take it out, so as to avoid accidents. During operation, if it is found that too much ore feeding is blocking the crushing chamber, do not promote the crusher to an international position by independent innovation. Stop ore feeding and start the feeder after the ore in the crushing chamber is processed

during operation, regular inspection shall be carried out to observe the condition of each component and shaft of the crusher by watching, listening and touching. Therefore, the environment of the production workshop often has large noise bearing temperature, and the bearing temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃. When the bearing temperature is found to be too high, do not shut down immediately. Instead, increase the oil volume, forced ventilation, water cooling, etc. and do not shut down until the bearing temperature drops for inspection and troubleshooting. (end)

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