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Chemical enterprises installed automatic control equipment to ensure safe production. In 2010, the number of accidents and deaths in Heze City decreased by 19.1% and 16.5% respectively year-on-year, and no major work safety accidents occurred. On February 11, I interviewed the Municipal Administration of work safety about the decline of work safety accidents

according to the person in charge of Heze administration of work safety, at the beginning of last year, the Municipal Administration of work safety carried out the installation of automatic control and safety interlock devices in 149 chemical enterprises involving high risk levels of hazardous processes and production devices in accordance with the four fixed principles of setting tasks, measures, progress and personnel, strengthened the scheduling and strict acceptance of each enterprise, and completed the work tasks assigned by the province six months in advance. The technical transformation involves five dangerous processes, including polymerization, hydrogenation, oxidation, electrolysis and cracking. RMB 87.19 million yuan has been invested in the transformation, and 1847 key devices and key parts have been transformed, greatly improving the efficiency of chemical industry The gap between the damping pin and the damping hole of the oil delivery valve is too small, and the industrial enterprises have made up for the previous deficiencies in the intrinsic safety level

with the development of the mini family, hazardous chemicals production devices involve high-temperature and high-pressure processes. The products themselves have flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful characteristics. Once abnormal and improperly controlled, it is very easy to cause malignant accidents. The implementation of automatic control and safety interlock in the chemical production process and the use of barrier explosion-proof technology in the tank of the gas station are important measures to standardize the safety production management, reduce safety risks and prevent accidents from occurring for a long time. They are also an effective way to strengthen the foundation of enterprise safety production and improve the intrinsic safety level. On the construction of safety production technology support system, in accordance with the principles of experts checking hidden dangers, government supervision and enterprises' rectification, the municipal safety supervision bureau gave full play to the role of expert think tanks, organized experts to enter enterprises and grass-roots units, inspected 865 enterprises successively, helped enterprises check 2423 hidden dangers, held 324 lectures and technical guidance, and distributed 150000 popular science materials, which improved the scientificity and pertinence of safety production

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