Instructions for the hottest steam trap

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Instructions for steam trap

when it is found that the steam trap cannot work and the cause cannot be found out, pay attention to observe the discharge of the steam trap. If the drain valve is equipped with a test valve, the inspection is relatively simple. Otherwise, open the outlet connection pipeline

common faults and treatment methods of steam trap:

I. The non draining

trap cannot discharge condensate, the trap has no reaction for a long time, and the valve surface temperature drops, which is the state that the trap cannot be opened. The cause of this failure: the spline with the same volume made of polyurethane hard foam and soft foam materials generates decomposition products under this condition, which is equivalent to the strength of hazardous materials generated during wood combustion

1. The filter or piping is blocked by impurities and dirt, and the coagulation Vectran covers the prosthesis to reduce friction and water can not flow into the steam trap. The dirt in the filter, pipeline and valve must be cleaned

2. If the amount of condensate discharged by the drain valve is very small or the action interval is too long, it is necessary to replace it with a drain valve with small capacity

3. The non condensate drain valve is hot, which is caused by steam or secondary steam. Once the steam is condensed, the steam blockage will disappear. This is due to the unreasonable installation of steam trap, and there shall be no place to retain condensate in the middle of the inlet pipe

4. The floating ball of water hammer is damaged and cannot float up due to water inflow, so it should be replaced with a new one

5. Excessive pressure. The pressure of the steam consuming equipment exceeds the maximum working pressure of the steam trap, so that the steam trap cannot be opened. Replace the drain valve with higher working pressure or adjust and reduce the working pressure of steam consuming equipment

6. The water heater coil has vacuum, which hinders the discharge. Install a vacuum breaker between the heat exchanger and the water valve

II. Continuous drainage of steam trap is not closed

1. Continuous drainage of condensate by steam trap is not closed. Replace the steam trap with large drainage capacity

2. The water and steam of the drain valve are continuously discharged at the same time. There are foreign matters between the valve core and the valve seat or impurities on the guide surface. Disassemble and clean them and take out the foreign matters

3. Mechanical (lever floating ball type, free floating ball type, inverted bucket type) traps are installed incorrectly, which will also cause the phenomenon that the valve is not closed. Be sure to install them according to the requirements of the installation diagram.

4. If the capsule is damaged or the bimetal sheet is permanently deformed, so that the trap is not closed, it is necessary to replace the damaged capsule. This technology is derived from the iphone5c or the failed bimetal sheet

5. There are corrosion holes near the shell outlet, and the corroded shell can be disassembled for repair welding or replaced

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