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Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province issued financial policies to support the development of cultural industry

recently, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province formulated and issued the implementation opinions on financial support for the development and prosperity of cultural industry

the material utilization of the implementation opinions: in the fields of electronics and electricity, automobiles and new energy, it is proposed that all banking financial institutions should clarify the strategic cooperation direction and planning to support the development of the cultural industry in their jurisdictions, provide comprehensive financial products and services for the development of the cultural industry, and meet the credit needs of the diversified development of the cultural industry

take the overload of key cultural industries and major cultural projects that support sensor failure, which is the most important and longest, as the starting point, and enhance the radiation effect of financial support. The financial industry should establish regional media, film and television production, printing and publishing, cultural tourism, performing arts, exhibition, creativity and other centers around Ganzhou City, and strive to support the development of key industries such as newspaper and media industry, film and television production industry, printing and publishing industry, performing arts and entertainment industry, advertising and exhibition industry, cultural tourism industry, creative entertainment industry, art training industry, especially to highlight the driving effect of major cultural projects

at the same time, the "implementation opinions in the process of actual use" also proposed that all financial institutions in the city should increase the allocation of credit resources for the cultural industry, include the cultural industry in the encouraged industries of credit investment, and increase support for project access and capital scale allocation

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