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Gante electric holding a number of patents is at the forefront of the industry.

at more than 7 p.m. on December 27, 2018, in Dongyang gante Electric Co., Ltd., located north of Geshan Road, Baiyun Street, the production line is still running, and workers are working overtime for customers' goods before the Spring Festival. This company, founded in January 2015, is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of automotive intelligent tailgate opening and closing system products. After nearly four years of development, its output value has increased nearly eight times, and its technology and market share have been at the forefront of the industry

hold a number of patents and accurately target the market

"the company's main products are electric lift rods for off-road vehicles and cars, as well as up and down suction locks, four suction locks of doors and other door related control systems." Caiqiaohong, general manager of Dongyang gante Electric Co., Ltd., said that the company has 4 invention patents and 18 utility model patents. The lifting lever involves the patent of "straight electric tailgate brace of automobile trunk". At present, there are 58 car related products, and 217 wild car related products using thermoplastic (such as PVC)

with the improvement of living standards and meeting the needs of travel, cars have become a very important tool in today's life, and the related front and rear loading markets have become "hot cakes". Caiqiaohong said that the front loading market refers to the market of electronic products that will be equipped by the vehicle factory when leaving the factory, while the rear loading market, which accounts for nearly 50% of the market, involves maintenance, etc. the company's products are mainly aimed at "rear loading". The company's R & D has been ahead of its peers in the industry, and it will move towards a more stable front loading market in the future

ensure R & D investment and introduce high-end talents

Cai Qiaohong said that the company will spend 20% of its profits on R & D every year. More than 80% of the equipment used for testing in the factory is independently developed. Cold and hot shock test boxes, pull in electromagnetic vibration tables, electronic universal testing machines, waterproof test boxes, spring life testing machines, etc. can meet various requirements put forward by the parking lot. "R & D is bottomless, but technology is crucial to continue our advantages." Caiqiaohong said that at present, the company's products are mainly used in the third generation production line, the fourth generation production line has been completed, and the fifth generation production line is an automatic strut production specially customized for front loading, which has been basically formed. In CAI Qiaohong's view, the investment in R & D is absolutely worth it. After the fifth generation production line is put into operation, the cost will be directly reduced by 30%, and continue to develop these polymers and other high-end polymers. The investment in R & D is the key to occupy the market

in addition to ensuring R & D investment, gante Electric has been committed to talent introduction and operation system since its establishment. "High cutting-edge talents are also one of the important factors in market competition." Caiqiaohong said that the company's products have been verified by the market and have good advantages in terms of appropriate allocation. However, for the front-end market where the measurement technology institutions at all levels carry out measurement services and ensure that the force measuring pointer is adjusted to the "zero" barrier, the software control system is still weak. For this reason, gante Electric has hired a number of engineers from Huawei, Geely and other companies, which has stabilized the talent base of the company

"it is Gantt's goal to stand in the forest of national enterprises and walk alone on the top of intelligent manufacturing technology." Caiqiaohong said about the meaning of the company's name and expectations for the future. As a local enterprise, gante electric adheres to the concept of building a community with a shared future, continues to develop and progress with customers and suppliers, and strives to provide more reliable and perfect automobile life for the majority of automobile consumers


Gantt electric, founded in 2015, is a young enterprise targeting the automotive industry. For the aftermarket, Gant did not continue to expand the existing territory, but resolutely chose the front market with broader benefits and prospects and higher difficulties, which is undoubtedly an opportunity and a challenge. Caiqiaohong, the general manager, is involved in R & D. the company attaches importance to technology, R & D and talents, and is always ready to update products for high-speed updating industries. It is precisely because of this that Gantt electric can quickly occupy a place in the industry in less than four years

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