Gas chromatograph in hottest gas analysis

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Gas chromatograph in gas analysis

1 the important role of gas chromatography in gas analysis

in recent years, China's gas manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. This rapid development has many factors, one of which is the application of analysis and detection instruments, which ensures the operation of the process and the quality of gas products. The most widely used method in gas analysis and detection is gas chromatography, and the most used instrument is still gas chromatography

according to the national standard, the gas standard not only stipulates the product quality standard index, but also stipulates the corresponding inspection method of the product. In the gas standard analysis method, the detection of gas impurities is completed by gas chromatography except for the single item detection of oxygen and water. For example, the composition analysis of permanent gases H2, 02 (AR), N2, CH4, Co, C02 and carbon hydride c1~c4 in high-purity gas and pure gas hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, neon, krypton, xenon and other gases are also detected by gas chromatograph. Among the national and industrial standard analytical methods, gas chromatography accounts for a considerable proportion, more than 60%

the quality standards of the gas industry (adopting international standards and foreign advanced standards) are international standards iso-tc/158 and semi standards, 141 unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes for water supply. Among these standard methods, gas chromatography is also the main detection method

gas chromatography takes gas as the mobile phase, which has the advantages of high selectivity, high sensitivity and rapid analysis. In gas analysis, chromatography 5. 5kg according to experimental force 100KG. 500KG,1T 2T . 3T,5T. 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons, 500 tons, 1000 tons universal material testing machine has great advantages over other analysis methods. Gas chromatograph plays an important role in gas analysis

cow-mac's did detector gas chromatograph takes the lead in gas analysis compared with other general-purpose gas chromatographs. With high sensitivity and full functions, it is the preferred gas analysis instrument in the production and research institutions of major gas industry companies in the world, such as BOC, APCI, etc. Key enterprises and research departments in the domestic gas industry are also optimistic about its performance. Has been applied or is considering purchasing

2 gas chromatograph in modern gas analysis

1. Chromatographic separation column - the heart of chromatograph

the powerful separation function of chromatographic separation column makes gas chromatograph the most suitable multicomponent analyzer for gas analysis. Under certain chromatographic conditions, the components of various mixtures of different components can be separated one by one by using a suitable chromatographic separation column. As long as there is vapor pressure, impurities as high as percent and as low as grade or even grade can be separated, which cannot be achieved by other analytical methods. The corresponding chromatographic column system and chromatographic conditions are selected according to the properties of the analyte. The permanent gas in the high-purity gas and the low hydrocarbon hydrocarbon can be completely separated

adsorbent molecular sieves and treated new porous polymers hayesep are commonly used as column fillers for gas analysis. Molecular sieves are the best for the separation of H2, 02, N2, CH4 and Co, and C02 is irreversible adsorption. Porous polymer can increase the column length and improve the column efficiency, so that the retention time of N2 can be increased to before AR, so as to achieve the separation of grade nitrogen and argon (Fig. 1). Similarly, the column length can also separate stage 02, CH4, C02, N20, C2H4, C2H2, C2H6, C3H8... Of stage and stage (Fig. 2)

capillary chromatographic column has the best separation effect. PLOT column separation stage 02, AR (Fig. 3) and al203plot column separate c1~c3 hydrocarbons in liquid oxygen

gas analysis manufacturers focused on the gas-solid chromatographic separation technology, which accounts for a small fraction in gas chromatography but plays an important role in gas, and developed special chromatographic instruments for gas analysis

2. Detector gas chromatography detector has always been the focus of research, and there are also monographs. There are dozens of detectors available for gas analysis, which are shown in Table 1. Helium ion detector and helium discharge detector have high sensitivity and are often mentioned at the same time. This is because in the mid-1960s, different researchers carried out research according to the description of Lovelock ionization detector. In the early stage, the helium ion detector achieved good results, and then gradually developed successfully. The 2700 gas chromatograph was finalized and produced by Italian CarloErba company. In the late 1970s, China began to introduce instruments. Researchers of helium discharge ionization detector have also made unremitting efforts. In the late 1980s, Gow Mn octave (OCT) AC company developed the helium discharge detector and the corresponding gas chromatograph. Although the birth lags behind a few years, BASF high-performance materials nbsp; Puma shoes favored, but the design of the detector is unique. It is divided into upper and lower chambers to completely separate the discharge chamber from the ionization chamber, so as to reduce the pollution of the measured gas and ensure the high stability of the detector (Fig. 4). The linear relationship of did discharge detector is very good at low concentration (Fig. 5), which can detect all inorganic and organic gas components including ne. It is the best detector for gas analysis in modern gas chromatography. Table 1 gas chromatography detector applicable to gas analysis detector type detection object carrier gas selective detection limit linear range heat conduction detection Chuai TCD general permanent gas, special gas he, H2, N2, AR no ultrasonic detection Chuai USD general 02, N2, Co, C02, SF6, chf3he, H2, AR, 02, N2, air no helium ion detection Chuai hid general H2, AR, N2, 02, Co, C2H6, SF6, c02he no helium discharge detection Chuai did general H2, AR, N2, C02, 02, Co, CH4, NE, Kr, Xe, SiH4, and other special gases he hydrogen free flame ion detection with HD selection

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