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Secondary sorting + integral system Dacheng Lane Community garbage classification rate of 85%

release date: Source: Beijing business daily

recently, there are a large number of garbage cans in the Dacheng Lane community, and the appearance is also very neat. It is reported that in 1996, the teachers' dormitory of Daheng Lane became the first residential area in Beijing to pilot waste classification. After 23 years, residents of the residential area have always been conscious of "waste classification". It is reported that the garbage classification rate of residents in the community has reached more than 85%

the regulations of Beijing Municipality on the administration of domestic waste (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) will be officially implemented on May 1 next year, which stipulates that residential areas and natural villages are required to set up kitchen waste and other waste collection containers in groups, and at least one waste delivery point is required to set up recyclable and hazardous waste collection containers. It also requires that domestic waste management be included in grass-roots social governance and social co governance be carried out

as the first community to carry out garbage classification, more than 20 years of exploration of Daheng lane can provide a lot of experience. "Point system" is the main way to encourage residents to participate in garbage classification in Daheng lane. Cuixiangwen told the Beijing business daily, "in July 2018, the community replaced new classified garbage cans. Now there are 13 groups of classified garbage cans in the community. Each household is also issued with a point card with a QR code, and the free garbage bags are also attached with a recognizable QR code, so points can be obtained for each classification." The community is also equipped with intelligent garbage cans. Residents can classify recyclables such as plastic and paper into smart bins, which can also be credited. "Points can be exchanged for some daily necessities, such as classified garbage bags, soap and toothpaste. Although there are not many things, everyone's participation is very good." Cui Xiangwen said

the prohibition of "mixed loading and transportation" is also highlighted in the regulations. Zhang Jingyuan, a volunteer of waste classification, said that now kitchen waste has a fixed time to be recycled every day, and the recyclable waste is full, then call the company to recycle it. In terms of waste reduction, she told the Beijing Business Daily: "from removing the deformation layer generated during cutting at the same time ten years ago, about four barrels of 120 liters of kitchen waste per day have been basically stabilized at about two barrels per day. The main reason is that now residents basically buy clean vegetables and insist on waste classification."

it is noteworthy that in order to improve the "purity" of kitchen waste and other garbage, since 2017, the streets have equipped garbage classification instructors in various communities, whose main work is to break the bags of kitchen waste and "sort" the garbage again, so as to make up for the problems of inadequate source classification and inaccurate delivery of residents. Cuixiangwen also works as a garbage sorting instructor on weekdays. 9. Stop sitting or standing on the conveyor belt. He told: "there are five in our community, and sorting takes two hours every morning. In the past, it may take two hours each time. Now the quality of residents' own sorting has been improved. It may take about 40 minutes to get down from 13 groups of garbage cans."

Lifting device: computer-controlled electromagnet and drop hammer lifting

for residents with poor classification quality, volunteers will carry out door-to-door publicity. "The first time we reminded him that we had to come to the door for publicity and guidance more than three times, all of which were mainly positive guidance and publicity. We also have a system of 'civilized 12 points'. If you make a mistake more than three times, you will have to deduct points. If you deduct all 12 points in a quarter, you will not be allowed to receive free garbage bags. This has been implemented for a year, and no residents have deducted all of them." Li Wenxiao, from the urban management department of Xinjiekou Street, said

Li Wenxiao said, "at present, the participation rate of our residents has reached 85%, but the participation of the remaining residents still needs our further guidance and publicity." There are some mandatory punishment measures, because our community also has no law enforcement power, so we still give priority to positive encouragement and guidance. In fact, the garbage can is kept clean. The whole small area knows from the mechanics of materials that it will create an atmosphere for garbage classification, and everyone's participation rate will naturally increase. "

the successful experience of the Dacheng Lane community is only a microcosm. At present, only 15 streets in Xicheng District have set up a garbage classification instructor team consisting of more than 2000 people covering the whole district to carry out regular garbage classification publicity and assist residents in garbage classification. By 2020, the coverage rate of garbage classification demonstration areas in the city will reach 90%, covering more than 300 streets and towns

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