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Gartner predicts that it will replace PC as the main device in 2013.

Gartner, an American market research company, issued a forecast report that intelligence will surpass PC as the main device in 2013

although Gartner's prediction is mainly aimed at its enterprise users, most content is also suitable for small companies and ordinary consumers. Brian Gammage, vice president of Gartner, said, "as major organizations begin to make plans for economic recovery and prepare for economic recovery and growth, our forecast for 2010 will also focus on the important changes caused by the balance between it control and capacity. Considering the increasing impact of enterprise IT investment decisions on finance and regulation, few organizations can be unaffected."

Gartner predicts that as virtualization and cloud computing gradually penetrate the business world, more than 20% of enterprises will no longer have their own it assets by 2012. Employees' increasing use of personal PCs at work is also one of the factors contributing to this trend. With the transfer of technology ownership to third parties, Gartner expects that the enterprise's IT budget may be reduced or transferred to more important strategic projects. Technical support personnel may be laid off or retrained according to new enterprise needs. More than 20 cities, such as Ningbo, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Panzhihua and Jinchang, have formed new material industry clusters with different degrees and industry characteristics. Gartner said that although the social networking industry will continue to develop, due to the rapid growth of Facebook, the company will become the main hub of social networking in 2012. The development of Facebook connect general login service will also play a role in promoting this trend. The supply of lithium, cobalt and magnetic materials upstream of new energy will be relatively moderate, large-scale or slightly contracted

Gartner believes that by 2013, it will easily surpass PC and become the main way to go online. According to Gartner, the total number of PCs in the world will reach 1.78 billion in three years, while the number of intelligent devices will reach 1.82 billion, and will continue to grow. This trend will encourage more stations to adjust the page to facilitate mobile device browsing

gartner said that thanks to the growth of technology and the increased use of Internet in emerging markets, by 2014, more than 3billion people around the world will use banking or shopping. Although paper money will not disappear in the short term, the status of e-commerce will be established in the next four years. Gartner predicts that 6.5 billion users will access the mobile Internet by 2014. Although not all users will use it for transactions, they all have this ability

gart also has low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle, and position sensor, which determines the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine. Ner predicts that by 2014, most it projects will include energy conservation and emission reduction schemes. At present, many projects have included energy-saving plans, but with the increasing political and economic pressure, it hardware manufacturers will soon refine the carbon emission information of their products

finally, Gartner predicts that users' aversion to spam will lead to the inclusion of Internet marketing in the regulatory scope in 2015. It is estimated that $250billion will be used for online marketing at that time, so relevant enterprises will have to face new regulatory policies. Many enterprises whose business scope is limited to network marketing need to reposition and look for other sources of income. Sina Technology ()

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