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On November 16, according to Wall Street reports, General Electric Co. said on Tuesday that it would acquire two start-up technology companies and disclose several new customers for its digital business. Ge group is using a series of actions to prove to investors its development model of paying equal attention to both mechanical hardware and Internet software

ge said it had acquired machine learning company in Berkeley, California and bit stew systyms. The technology of these two companies can provide massive data ingestion for industrial applications. The specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The two transactions will bring 120 new employees to ge. Because it can change the oil level when it is less than 2/3 of the barrel depth, it should immediately comply with a variety of experiments, and bring benefits to the development of digital business for GE. Ge digital is a software business unit headquartered in San Ramon, California. Company officials said the Department will generate orders worth $7billion this year

previously, GE said it would acquire servicemax for $915million, a California company that develops applications for inventory management and human scheduling. Ge invested in servicemax through its venture capital agency, which raised more than $200million at that time

bill RUH, GE's chief digital officer and chief data officer, said the acquisition would help Ge build the predix platform. Predix is a software platform that can help large companies such as GE and aviation enterprises to collect and analyze customer data, help enterprises better manage equipment and improve efficiency

bit stew raised US $17.2 million in May last year, with investors including Ge, Cisco, BDC capital and Yaletown ventures. Bit stew's technology is dedicated to the unification of data from different operating systems. It was established by several data scientists in 2012, and the investors include Voyager capital

ge tries to prove to customers that through software analysis and prediction of machine operation conditions, a longer life can be obtained

ge digital expects revenue to reach $6billion this year, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. Ge expects 13. 5% by the end of this year Deformation interface: deformation channel interface and experimental software can be equipped with various types of extensometers according to user needs. 20000 developers will participate in the development of predix platform

Exelon power company is a new customer of Ge software. Ixron will use predix software to manage the operation of its entire power plant

ge hopes to achieve $15billion in software sales by 2020. About half of this will come from sales to the power industry. Under heavy pressure, the power generation industry urgently needs new ways to improve production efficiency

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