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"Gas holder" control in semiconductor production process

today, when you use flat panel displays, MP3 players or other electronic devices, who will consider where these things come from and how complex the production process is to create such advanced high-tech electronic products for mankind. South Korea is one of the first countries involved in the production of such products

in 2005, the GDP of South Korea was about 787.5 billion US dollars, ranking 11th in the world, with a total population of 50million. In recent years, Korean brands such as Samsung, Hyunda, I, Kia, LG or Daewoo have been deeply imprinted in the minds of global consumers. The Far East is mainly characterized by competition among shipbuilding, automobile, steel, electronics and semiconductor industries. The world market leaders are rushing to nibble at this big cake. The electronics and semiconductor industries in South Korea dominate economic activities with about 35% of the total investment. The successful business stories of many manufacturers and suppliers once again prove that this trend will continue in the next few years. Welltech Indus, located near Seoul, is one of them

we have entered the stage of batch trial production and market implementation. The product range of LLTech Indus is mainly the equipment for processing process gas in the semiconductor industry, and the "gas holder" has the best sales volume. It is used to provide various important gases for various semiconductor production processes. Usually, each production site has a complete network equipped with up to hundreds of gas tanks. They are controlled and monitored by the main PC. At the same time, safety and pollution prevention cannot be underestimated. The rapid technological innovation of semiconductor products and the development trend of miniaturization have increased the requirements for gas purity in production. Therefore, only the gas with the highest purity is suitable for the production environment

gas holder is used to provide various important gases for various semiconductor production processes

risk minimization

the pressure of gas cylinders and tanks is constantly changing. In order to maintain the strictly required high pressure ratio in the production process, advanced automation system must be used to accurately regulate the pressure of about 50 different gases. Some gases are irritant, corrosive and flammable, which increases the difficulty of pressure control. Therefore, the highest level of safety measures must be used to reduce the risk. In addition, continuous gas supply must be ensured to avoid shutdown and affect product quality. The gasholder offers a variety of options: one cylinder/one process, two cylinders/one process, and two cylinders/two processes. But only the last option can guarantee the continuous supply of gas. If one cylinder is empty, the system will automatically switch to the second cylinder. At the same time, empty bottles can be replaced or inflated

the cutting-edge control technology comes from b&r

the reason why we choose B & R 2003 control system (which can be used as core controller or i/o) and power panel panel is because Welltech Indus believes that the automation system and solutions provided by experienced B & R can basically meet the requirements of performance and reliability in every city. Most importantly, they firmly believe that from now on, a software tool automation studio can be used to handle all operations related to about 50 different gases. The porous media materials available include expanded graphite as an option. All kinds of data can be stored in cache and CF card, and many advantages can be embodied. The previous failures caused by the communication between products of different manufacturers can not only be avoided, but also the maintenance and repair work can be greatly simplified

a flexible and reliable network is formed in the middle of the gas holder through CAN bus or Ethernet tcp/ip. Ethernet tcp/ip can cover a larger distance by using optical fiber cables. Simple i/o processing, compact controller and world-class technical support make baccalais' solutions the most competitive

in the gas holder control project, Welltech Indus and baccalais have established a stable cooperative relationship since then. This cooperation has also laid a good foundation for baccalais' business expansion in the semiconductor industry. Together with baccalais, more and more Korean high-pressure gas holders will be recognized and praised by the market for their high quality, high performance and innovative advantages. (end)

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