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Introduction to the unique bending die system

many people have experienced such a situation: users (2) tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile secant modulus of elasticity have repeatedly stressed the urgency of time, and they want to get the scheduled parts tomorrow. However, these parts must need a new business model. The bending die that must be used is neither part of its own equipment nor ready-made. So what do you think of "custom mold"? In a short time, you can manufacture the customized molds you need: TRUMPF can provide all the important capabilities, from the trumabend bending machine programmed offline with tops 600 to the unique bending mold system

Picture Description: the customized bending die is adopted, and the hinge

shaft made of metal plates of different thickness is processed in three steps. According to the thickness of the material and using this mold, the fillet can be folded in two steps

with a trumabend bending machine with 4 -, 5 -, 6-Control shaft rear stopper and a large number of mechanical options, it can manufacture bending parts of almost any shape

whether it is 0.5~15 mm thick metal plate, stainless steel, structural steel, or user specified materials or alloys; No matter the smallest electronic components or the load-bearing parts of agricultural machinery, they can all be produced by using the correct bending die

with a full set of standard bending dies, 90% of the operation can be achieved. Even if the standard dies cannot be processed, TRUMPF company can also provide simple and fast bending solutions

in order to develop customized solutions that meet the special requirements of users, what TRUMPF needs is only a sketch, schematic diagram, or even a representative sample. During the close cooperation with users, TRUMPF manufactured a 100mm long prototype mold to prove the functionality of the solution developed by TRUMPF. Many tests and trial bends were carried out in the TRUMPF showroom

the prototype mold can be modified step by step until the predetermined bending effect is achieved. During the acceptance test of "Ueda Yingzhi", users recognized the error free production results of the predetermined bending shape

then you can order customized molds of the required length. From the initial contact to customization, the scientific research team led by Professor guoyanling of the school of mechanical and electronic engineering of Northeast Forestry University developed a new composite bending die made of agricultural and forestry waste such as rice husk and straw, which generally takes only a few days to process (due to complexity)

obviously, these customized molds fully meet the quality requirements of standard molds. Through deformation free laser hardening, the surface hardness reaches 60 HRC

Many have experienced this scenario: The customer is putting on pressure and wants the desired parts as early as tomorrow. But the necessary bending tool is neither a part of the own equipment nor can be ordered “off the shelf” . How about a tailor-made tool? Within a brief time, the desired customized bending tool can be produced. From the TrumaBend press brake using the ToPs 600 offline program to its own bending tool system, TRUMPF offers all important competencies from a single source.

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