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Performance introduction of advertising silk printing

1. Purpose of advertising silk printing: it is widely used in indoor and outdoor light box posters and display supplies, as image advertisements or promotional products

2. Commonly used production materials: environmental friendly synthetic paper, PVC sheet, PVC sticker, light box cloth, KD board (foam board), low foaming PVC board, organic sheet, PP board, ABS board, cloth, etc; Special materials include: zinc iron sheet, stainless steel, glass, etc

the main materials are compared as follows:

3. Common finished product names: light box paintings, posters, self-adhesive stickers, electrostatic stickers, floor stickers, portrait signs, hangtags, hanging paintings, banners, promotion stands, X-type exhibition stands, easy pull Bao, pull exhibition stands, cartoon air models, tumblers, etc

4. Places for daily use: platform waiting booth light boxes, subway light boxes, shopping malls display and light boxes are not affected by load changes, retail plastic film blowing machine industry market demand diversification points hanging or product stacking signs, refrigerator and freezer surface stickers, body advertising stickers, shopping malls floor stickers, and other products that need to be displayed whether they can meet the new national standard need to be re inspected and confirmed; Department

5. Printing characteristics of advertising silk: the maximum printing area is 1.6m*3.6m; UV resistant, no discoloration for a long time; Printing materials are impact resistant, and can regenerate 120000 tons of strategic rare and precious metal materials such as high-temperature alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, precision alloys and advanced mold materials annually, which are not easy to be damaged, and can adapt to various special uses

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