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Introduction to the types of packaging machinery

definition of packaging machinery: a machine that completes the whole or part of the packaging process to highlight the yield to attract investors

generally, they are classified according to the function of packaging machinery:

1. Cartoning machine: machinery used for product sales and packaging

2. Packing machine: used to complete transportation and packaging

3. Filling machine: the filling machine positions the hose container, seals the end of the container after metering and filling, and then sends it to the cartoning machine

4. Capping machine:

5. Labeling machine:

6. Tray machine:

7. Filling machine:

of which 80% of the production capacity is lithium copper foil

8. Sealing machine:

9. Wrapping machine:

10. Cleaning machine

11. Dryer

12. Sterilizer

13. Strapping machine

14. Containerized machine

15, multifunctional packaging machine, etc

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