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Introduction to Maoming Sakata "C ecosure" ink technology

development purpose of "cecopure"

the latest ink produced in Maoming Sakata Ink Co., Ltd. "cecopure" is made by sakatainxcorp, Japan Based on the performance of the "diatoneecosuresoyhpseries" which has been highly evaluated in the Japanese sheet printing market, it was meticulously developed with raw materials in China

Maoming Sakata ink introduces the production equipment and process of Japanese Sakata ink. Its products are managed according to the quality management system of

iso9001. Through the quality management of raw materials and strict control of each production ring, Japan, as a country with the most developed carbon material industry, can get stable quality management and supply our customers with stable products under this management system

"cecouresoy" basic characteristics

1. Eco mark with environmental protection logo and soyseal environmental protection ink with soybean oil label

"cecouresoy" has passed the two standards of today's environmental protection ink, which is the environmental protection ink with the environmental protection logo of the Ministry of environment of Japan and the soybean oil label of the American Soybean Association

① reduce the use of exhausting petroleum mineral oil

as an ink certified by eco mark, "cecouresoy" only uses the so-called

aromatic free solvent, and its aromatic content is less than 1%. In this way, the use of this ink greatly reduces the irritation to the skin and the smell of the printing environment

② use soybean oil, renewable raw material

recommended by American Soybean Oil Association ASA as the certification ink of soybean oil label, "cecouresoy" contains more than 20% of soybean oil ingredients

, reducing the mineral oil content in the ink. Therefore, it also reduces the release of volatile organic compounds VOC into the atmosphere

2. Excellent printability, operability and effect

cecouresoy improves the fluidity of emulsified ink and the tolerance of ink to fountain solution (especially the pollution resistance of IPA free fountain solution specially improved by Sida high-tech for the testing of subway materials). Even when the supply of fountain solution is reduced,

cecouresoy can stably supply ink to the printing plate. On the contrary, in the case of excess supply of fountain solution, it also has stable ink supply and reactivity. Therefore, cecouresoy is an ink with stable paper quality and strong stain resistance. "Cecouresoy" is a soybean oil ink. At the same time, it has

excellent solidification performance, quick drying performance, gloss effect and strong friction resistance. Because of these excellent properties, the ink transferred to the paper has the characteristics of faster dryness, little hardening in the ink tank and on the ink roller, fast loading and labor-saving cleaning. These excellent paper surface dryness and strong friction resistance shorten the time to post processing. And the improvement of post press adaptability makes "cecouresoy" have a broader paper correspondence, which can correspond to coated paper, matte paper, cardboard, book paper, etc

as mentioned above, Maoming Sakata ink will provide you with better ink. This high-quality oil

ink has been manufactured and sold with raw materials purchased in China since July 2005. This year, in order to further improve the quality of inks, Sakata inks analyzed the inks needed by China's printing market in detail, and successfully promoted a higher level of new environmental friendly inks through the joint implementation of technical improvement with Chinese pigment manufacturers through the design and development of new resin fanlishui. The new environmentally friendly ink is scheduled to be launched in November, 2006

the characteristic of this new ink is to improve the quality of the following products while maintaining the basic performance of cecourehp

1) improve the gloss of the paper

the newly developed Fanli water and pigment can make the ink maintain the drying time of the paper and improve the gloss of the paper at the same time. And by adjusting the ink supply, we can further improve N - the total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions); High gloss

2) improve the paper quality (reduce the point increase and reduce the dry fading)

the newly developed Fanli water and pigment can maintain the appropriate emulsifying state of the ink, so the point is reduced

increase · reduce the dry fading

3) improve the adaptability of post printing processing

through the thorough drying of the paper, strengthen the strength of the ink layer and improve the post printing adaptability

4) stabilize the concentration stability during long-time printing

by using the newly developed Fanli water, the viscosity change caused by temperature change can be suppressed, and excellent concentration stability can be obtained even in high-speed printing and long-time printing

reproduced from: Maoming Sakata Ink Co., Ltd.

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