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The Middle East region is expected to become an ethylene industry center

the Middle East region is expected to become an ethylene industry center

February 20, 2019

according to trade Arabia, Manama reported on February 13, Bahrain's oil minister Sha will make the buffer fail. Ikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa said that the Middle East region is expected to become a center of the ethylene industry, Because the region has the ability to provide materials at competitive prices to determine which part of the original system has failed

at the opening ceremony of the third ethylene Middle East ethylene technology conference and Exhibition (emet), Shaikh Mohammed said that the Arabian Gulf region is the world's major ethylene supplier, and with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, it plays an important role in the petrochemical industry

he stressed that the best way to determine the way to make profits from the ethylene market is to understand the trend of this important industry and the upcoming changes in the national industry standards for products, which will definitely take a short time

The Minister stressed the importance of the sustainable development of the bio petrochemical industry, which plays a key role in achieving global competitive advantage by attracting technology and manpower

in addition to meeting the requirements and expectations of customers that undoubtedly help reduce costs, the Minister stressed that sustainability is the only way to ensure the sustainability of success and prosperity

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