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Middleware sprint: Puyuan leverages CRM to seize the basic software market

what is SOA middleware? Perhaps most people don't understand it. However, when all IT enterprises and their chief information officers speak of SOA, SOA is not far away from us. In the middleware industry, SOA, as a methodology, after several years of concept popularization, began to land and enter the specific implementation stage of the client. SOA is regarded as a revolution in China's software industry and an important opportunity for the development of China's IT software industry

Primeton is the world's leading SOA middleware basic software manufacturer, and is the main participant in the formulation of SOA international standard sca/sdo, as well as the core founder of oasis, the main developer of e-commerce standards. In 2006, the company was rated as one of Deloitte's top 50 high-tech growth companies. At the beginning of 2010, Puyuan cooperated with 800 customers to successfully use the SaaS mode CRM system, which brought the management to a new stage. It also allowed Puyuan to focus on the development of high-performance and low-cost carbon fiber, high-strength and high modulus and functional glass fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, alumina fiber, boron nitride fiber, basalt fiber, silicon carbide ceramic fiber and other materials; Accelerate the intelligent and green manufacturing technology of fibers and composites and the industrialization level of high temperature resistant thermoplastic composites; Further expand the utilization and development of high-performance fibers and composites in the fields of industrial equipment, high-pressure gas cylinders, automobile lightweight, rail transit, wind power generation, marine and sports leisure, and start a new journey

product localization has opened the door to the Chinese market

at present, the development of basic software in China is very important and weak. Whether from the perspective of national security or the demands of customers, it is necessary for a Chinese enterprise to succeed in the field of basic software. China has a large enough market, complex enough environment and requirements, and rich enough human resources to make Chinese local companies succeed in the field of basic software in China

Puyuan software has encountered such an opportunity. It is a rapidly developing domestic middleware enterprise. It is fledgling, but it brings together famous IT experts such as founder Liu Yadong, CEO Shen Huizhong, and former vice president sun Fengju of HP. As a few basic software developers in China, the standard 220V power supply and power supply system of Puyuan software are very important

as a leading basic software developer in the world, Puyuan software has opened the door to the domestic basic software market with a business model that adapts to China's immature technology. Puyuan's business is to develop basic and core software products. These products have lagged behind in domestic development in recent years. Compared with large international companies, Puyuan's localization advantages and the applicability and stability of its products have become the biggest competitiveness

deploy CRM to build a protective wall for enterprise management

as an entrepreneurial company, the rapid development of Puyuan software is obvious to all. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the marketing center, the management of Puyuan hopes to comprehensively manage the market, sales and contract payment collection. At the beginning of 2010, Puyuan software plans to adopt CRM system to help the company's sales management

due to the long sales cycle of our company's products, we put forward high requirements for the schedule of salespersons. We hope to gradually convert the original sales result management into sales process management and improve the level of enterprise management. Zhou ran, assistant to the president of Puyuan company, said in an interview that when deploying CRM, the company has three options: first, develop a system by itself, second, adopt traditional suite CRM software, and third, adopt SaaS based CRM services. Although at that time, due to concerns about the security and stability of SaaS, Chinese users' acceptance of SaaS was not very high, as a software enterprise, Puyuan has recognized that SaaS is a trend of industrial development

after many comparative investigations, Puyuan company adopted the nearly all inclusive CRM service provided by 800 customer (Beijing) Software Technology Co., Ltd. As the largest enterprise management software supplier in China and the world's leading next-generation enterprise management system supplier, 800 customers took the lead in launching SaaS mode CRM system based on cloud computing architecture in China. After Puyuan company submitted the demand to 800 customers, in just a few days, 800 customers' implementation personnel developed a perfect CRM informatization solution for it, the specific contents are as follows:

establish market activity, customer, order, payment receipt module, and make a large number of summary reports

set a large number of reminder functions, such as next contact reminder, overdue non contact reminder, stage reminder, collaboration reminder, etc

business opportunity tab and sales funnel analysis chart are established, so that the sales process can be managed in stages, and each work of sales can be scored and evaluated

in this 800app system, the biggest feature is the powerful report design function, which can generate, allocate and evaluate the performance of the operation tasks of each position, so as to ensure that each position can automatically complete its duties, the work between positions is seamlessly connected, and the process from order receiving to transaction can be completed efficiently

product + management work together to be the leader of China's basic software products: as one of the representative enterprises in China's software industry, Puyuan has continuously summarized and practiced, and successfully launched its own software platform. This software platform built from standardized components has greater platform competitiveness, and has received good user feedback, making Puyuan's business model based on platform competitiveness gradually take shape

Management: the CRM system successfully running on the 800app platform has become an important marketing management tool of Puyuan company, helping Puyuan's customer management to be standardized. Through the 800app system, the enterprise management can grasp the operation of the company at any time. The sales personnel of the enterprise will no longer lose business opportunities because they forget to communicate with customers. At the same time, it strengthens the ability of enterprise employees to grasp the sales process, so that the sales managers of each product line can provide necessary support to key projects at any time

the next goal of Puyuan is to go public. The person in charge of Puyuan once said: China must have a company that can compete with foreign companies in the field of basic software, which can be successful. At present, I think only Puyuan has this ability, and the purpose of Puyuan's listing is to be the leader of China's basic software. We believe that with advanced product technology and a powerful 800app management platform, Puyuan will be able to stabilize the market and successfully become the leader of basic software in China

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