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Middle school students invent corn shell ecological fruit bags

Chengdu Longquanyi's annual honey peach is famous all over the country for its size, juicy and sweet. During the growing period of honey peach, fruit farmers take special care of it. In the past, paper bags have been used to protect fruits to prevent pesticide pollution and insect attack, so that the fruit color is uniform and not damaged. For this reason, fruit farmers purchase a large number of waste books and newspapers every year, which consumes a lot of money. In addition, after fruit picking, waste paper bags also pollute the environment

last year, Longquanyi District Education Committee carried out creative education in the whole district to cultivate students' creativity. Some students of Longquan No. 3 middle school creatively proposed the idea of using corn shells instead of fruit paper bags. Therefore, this makes the lightweight structure more attractive. Under the reliable guidance of professors Li Ping and Huang Weilian of Sichuan University, they finally solved the problems of corn shell softening and Penicillium contaminated fruits, and successfully invented the "corn shell ecological fruit bag". After being used in a small-scale experiment, the protected fruit is not only insect proof and drug-resistant, but also has uniform color, uniform size and no scar, which is deeply welcomed by fruit farmers

this "corn husk ecological fruit bag" is fully promoted this year. This alone can not only save fruit farmers in the region more than 6 million yuan in the cost of purchasing waste books and old newspapers (852 dollars/ton) every year, but also solve the problems of lead pollution, ink pollution, paper source waste and so on. At the same time, a large number of corn husks thrown down by farmers after harvesting corn every year are used to turn waste into treasure, which has blazed a new path in the implementation of ecological agriculture, green packaging and environmental protection

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