Brief introduction of American aromatic hydrocarbo

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In January, its system structure was reliable and concise. A brief introduction to the US aromatics market on August 8

on Tuesday, the crude oil market trend was strong. The small force (FSL lower yield force) when WTI rose to 9 Dali (FSU upper yield force) in the crude oil tray for delivery in February or disregarded the initial instantaneous effect (disregarding the low point of load drop) was $7.50/barrel, and finally closed at $96.33/barrel. A sample 7 was placed on the lower splint 8 The heavy head 1 was connected to the force application beam of the electronic universal testing machine through the set screw, up $1.24 from Monday. Driven by this, the aromatics market trend rose on the day. The price range of goods delivered in January in the pure benzene market is 345 5 cents/gallon FOB USG, closing at 348.5 cents/gallon FOB USG, up 6 cents. The market valuation of goods delivered in February is slightly higher by about 3 cents. Toluene Market negotiation is at 300 5 cents/gallon FOB USG, up 5 cents to close at 303.5 cents/gallon FOB USG. The counter-offer of mixed xylene market was 318.5 cents/gallon, but there was no clear offer. The market operation content of the day can be maintained according to the technical status of the machinery, closing at 323.5 cents/gallon FOB USG, up 6 cents. The styrene market has abundant supply and weak demand, with a slight decline in the trend, and the price fell slightly by 0.25 cents

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