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Middle East major customers visit sinotruk

in the afternoon of March 1, a group of 4 Middle East major customers visited sinotruk. Yu Youde, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SINOTRUK group, met with the foreign guests and held a business discussion

this Middle East major customer is purchasing sinotruk full drive tractors in batches. Yu Youde asked the customer to convert low-density plastic film into fuel and other recycled products in a large range, which is technically and economically feasible. He watched the promotional film of heavy duty truck enterprises in China that have achieved our development goals, and briefly introduced that China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group 2, and the accumulated water in the air filter should be discharged at any time; Overview of tuantai'an Wuyue special vehicle company. By watching the enterprise promotional videos, major customers in the Middle East have a deeper understanding of the R & D, production and after-sales service capabilities of SINOTRUK, as well as the technical, performance, reliability and other indicators of products, and have more confidence in the products of SINOTRUK

in the past, users in oil producing countries in the Middle East used European heavy trucks. With the unremitting efforts of overseas marketing personnel of SINOTRUK, users realized that sinotruk's heavy truck products were more cost-effective after comparison. Therefore, when adding and replacing vehicles, the customer chose the all drive tractor modified by Taian Wuyue company

major Middle Eastern customers visited Taian Wuyue company to learn about various technical indicators and parameters of products in detail, and discussed their needs with the design, production and management personnel of Taian Wuyue company; The two sides also exchanged and negotiated on the delivery date of this batch of vehicles, the optimization period of the abrasive structure, after-sales service support and other specific issues

Li Lixian, general manager of Tai'an Wuyue company, Cheng Zhenhuan, executive deputy general manager of import and export company, and Gong Xuemin, a specialist of Tai'an Wuyue company, attended the business forum

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