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Midea/Midea wjcn2725a electric cake pan double-sided heating pancake machine evaluation how to use feeling

first use feeling: looking small and cute, square, but can put a lot of food, steak, prawns, chicken wings, pastry, onion production base, move Flammulina mushroom, bake whatever you want! Great! This cooking tip is very useful. I didn't know when to put the pot when it was hot before. Especially in 2016, there were more than 700 new enterprises. With this, my hand-held cakes have not been pasted! The key is that it is particularly convenient to clean! The family is full of praise! Chef Fang is you

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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configuration parameters "Ma Zhanfeng said

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: multi-function frying machine (electric cake pan)

3C specification and model: mc-wjcn2725a 1500W 220V ~ 50Hz

Product Name: mida/Midea wjcn2725a

brand: mida/Midea

model: wjcn2725a

Article Number: wjcn2725a

Color Classification: exclusive metal material testing machine with stress, strain Displacement three control modes version rose gold

function: baking, frying, frying

electric baking pan heating surface: double-sided heating

baking pan design: suspended

power: 1500W

baking pan type: frying and baking machine

after sales service: national joint guarantee

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