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On August 3, 2009, China Plastics information HDPE market brief

China Plastics price index rose 9.48 points to 1010.73 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 6.44 points to 1026.48 points

I. upstream developments:

the settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures for September delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.51, or 3.8%, to $69.45 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ICE Futures Exchange rose $1.59 to 71 per barrel. According to the loading method, the process performance and experimental methods of stainless steel are divided into the following types: US $70, up 2.3%

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Fushun Petrochemical HDPE unit production 29112911 factory price is 10400 yuan/ton, petrochemical inventory is general, and the current pricing sales is 0.5 ⑴% accuracy sales

PetroChina South China HDPE has less inventory and is now priced for sale. 9455f Jilin is out of stock. Lanzhou 60550 quoted 10600 yuan/ton, and the quotation was stable

the overall inventory of HDPE in CNPC East China is general, and now it is priced for sale, with gc100s at 10500 yuan/ton

Sinopec Sales North China branch has general HDPE inventory, and most of them are sold at fixed prices

Sinopec South China HDPE issued the listing price at the beginning of August: 10750 yuan/ton for tr144 and 10700 yuan/ton for 50100

III. local market conditions:

the quotation of China Plastics spot Mall () HDPE was mainly increased, with a range of yuan/ton. Another two brands made downward adjustments, falling by 20 yuan/ton and 100 yuan/ton respectively

the HDPE market in Yuyao rose steadily, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. The research group of liudongsheng, Department of chemistry, Tsinghua University, cooperated with Watt University and other units in the UK. The market supply was also relatively small, and the demand was obviously large. Daqing 5000S reported 10500 yuan/ton. Panjin 5010 is quoted at 10700 yuan/ton

the HDPE market in Hangzhou generally rose, with good transactions and a large number of demands. Yangzi 5000S reported 11000 yuan/ton. Shanghai Petrochemical hd602 reported 10800 yuan/ton

the HDPE market in Guangzhou has a good market in the morning, with prices rising sharply, the overall downstream demand is relatively flat, and there is more speculation from middlemen. Maoming Petrochemical tr144 reported 11200 yuan/ton, which is temporarily out of stock

the source of goods in Chengdu HDPE market is general. Driven by other markets, the market quotation rises, but it still needs to be accepted by downstream manufacturers to get married. Tr144 reports 10800 yuan/ton, tr480 reports yuan/ton

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