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Roman noble doors and windows let you not worry even in the face of the worst weather, and help you survive this rainy day

the weather in Foshan has entered the crazy pouring mode

"thousands of buildings are built, and all the poor people in the world are happy". We all want to have a safe and warm home. The most basic need of this home is that it can't leak wind and rain. Even though I was tortured by the strong wind and rainstorm, when I returned home to this rest place, my heart suddenly settled down

then do you know how the window can isolate the rain outside, so that your home will not be disturbed by the rain

Roman noble doors and windows adopt double-layer insulating glass, which is filled with argon (inert gas) under vacuum to improve the sound insulation and heat insulation of the glass structure; Insulating glass adhesive tape pressing technology effectively increases air tightness, isolates rainwater and reduces noise, and you don't have to be afraid of lightning when you sleep at night; Built in molecular sieve can effectively prevent glass from fogging and mildew; The outdoor side rubber strip adopts epdm+ foaming composite rubber strip, which has super sealing and waterproof performance to prevent the invasion of rainstorm

drainage is better than blocking. In addition to sealing, Roman noble doors and windows also pay attention to the function of drainage system: vertical drainage + anti inverted irrigation and drainage cover. The sealing system of Windows cannot completely drain the water vapor outdoors, which is the significance of the drainage system

glass hardness is strong enough to compete with rainstorm. Roman noble doors and windows are equipped with automobile grade float tempered glass. The impact strength is 5 times that of ordinary glass. It is not fragile. Even if it is broken, there will be no sharp fragments, but honeycomb shaped obtuse angular small particles, which are not easy to hurt people

aluminum hardness and thickness are the basic guarantee, which plays a decisive role in the firmness of door and window frames. In order to improve the safety performance of windows, the door frames and leaves of Roman noble doors and windows are made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, which are solid and durable. Only if the frame is not deformed can it have support, so that the windows will not fall off easily

Roman noble doors and windows,

even in the face of worse weather, don't worry

wind resistance, water tightness and air tightness are guaranteed,

to help everyone survive this rainy day





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