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In 2015, a large number of physical stores blindly pursued the upsurge of the Internet. As overnight, they attributed the increase in sales results of physical stores to the network impact, ignored their own doubts, and made a short in-depth review, but hoped to open stores online and launch the original of physical o2o. This is a misunderstanding

infinite dilemma caused by wrong thinking

1. AQ style following the crowd

is to change and learn every day, and the more you learn, the more vague you become. In the eyes of customers, your store is no different from the originals of other stores, and even the decoration and shelves are similar, so the same advertising company that makes the goods counter will not differentiate, but only pay attention to immeasurability

why are there several brothers and sisters born to the same parents, each of whom is different? Because everyone has their own characteristics, it is good to be ourselves in terms of the external image, internal structure and business method of our store. If the level is high, do it well; if the level is not high, do it realistically

2. The primary feature of Qizong's "promotion classic"

is to offer special prices and free gifts every day. The final result is low gross profit and loss every day. Customers will eventually get used to your meanness! Now there is a very humorous phenomenon in the profession. Today, customers receive free gifts in this store, and tomorrow, they go to other stores to receive gifts. The inherent nature of these phenomena should lead us to think. (how to catch and tie down real consumers)

3. Optimize the competitiveness of store base

in short, the "Internet thinking" should be able to pour into physical stores. The most important and basic thing is to be oriented to please and cooperate with customers, pay attention to "interaction" with customers, and contact Internet skills, and gradually optimize physical stores to form "digital stores"

1. Store positioning: the "three elements" of retail stores are compared with e-commerce. We should be good at reflecting the advantages of "understanding" and "effectiveness" of physical stores. For the re positioning of physical stores, on the basis of "selling" products, the first thing is to achieve and adhere to three elements: one is professionalism, one is understanding, and one is effectiveness

in the future, if our physical stores want to make a living, we should optimize ourselves with internet thinking, take "professionalism, understanding and effectiveness" as our base gene, and improve the ability of physical stores to divert customers and share shopping malls with hospitals and e-commerce

2. Adjust categories: reflect professionalism and fashion

how can snack shops end the difference from other paths through categories and furnishings

this requires more categories that can reflect fashion and trend in Zhongdao District, the channel at the door of the store, opposite and near the cashier, because now the post-85 and post-90s have become the primary group of spending. The proper introduction and decoration of these fashion categories can not only attract some young people into the store, but also reflect the essence of the store different from other paths: more fashionable and professional

intelligent transformation: digital stores are the trend in the future

the era of Internet changes will also change our commercial stores and operation methods

the rapid popularization of mobile Internet and the many applications of smart phones have brought countless industrial opportunities for mobile Internet users to contact our offline physical stores. It can even be said that the successful contact of physical stores with mobile Internet customers will have a great impact on the e-commerce of PC Internet

in the future, the ultimate method of the store is to rely on the spring breeze of the mobile Internet to gradually optimize the physical store into a "digital store" integrating "entity + intelligence", and finally end the online and offline full path o2o business method based on the mobile Internet

the business methods we used to teach us about decoration were all physical stores. Now we need to optimize some in store decoration props of physical stores to make them become "digital stores"

for example, in the suitable location of the store, coupled with the digital shelves, smart TVs, and digital windows seamlessly connected with the Internet, it is used for click to play product use demonstrations and brand publicity, and with free WiFi and member access, through mobile phone client apps, online stores, wechat stores, wechat, Momo and other diplomatic media, End the seamless connection between online and offline customers at any time, anywhere and at will

customer communication: establish Internet we media channels

to successfully complete the promotion of "digital stores", stores should pay attention to the establishment of their own we media channels, combine the above-mentioned diplomatic media into their own Internet we media promotion and publicity channels, and end the low-cost and accurate promotion of business circles and customers, large-scale customer expansion, customer collection and interactive member processing

employee handling: let employees participate

as the saying goes: how you treat employees in the background, how front office employees treat customers

nowadays, the employment policy of retail stores is basically a new generation group dominated by the post-90s. This generation is tired of "didactic" paternalism, does not like sluggish and single work, and lacks the energy of the post-60s and Post-70s to bear hardships and stand hard work. Even if the salary incentive method is used, it is not as effective as the previous generation of employees

but the post-90s employees have their own independent aesthetics, like to be self-centered, have a sharper perception of fashion and fashion, and have more characteristics. For the fashion and characterization of building stores, the original employees have more advantages than the post-60s and Post-70s employees, and are also better at communicating with others and interacting with customers with new things on the Internet

therefore, in terms of processing, we should be good at connecting the advantages of this generation, let them participate, choose "interactive" policies and performance processing, and build a young team that performs effectively and works happily together

data processing: pay attention to passenger flow accounting

passenger flow is like the blood of stores. Without passenger flow processing, any other processing will appear weak, because it is difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without straw. Therefore, in this era of e-commerce, how many people are in stores every day, when many people are in stores, what type of people are these, and when high-end fine data of transaction rate are particularly important


if we don't stand in the perspective of customers, carefully build our retail business essence guided by customers' needs from the beginning, and examine all kinds of internal shortcomings and deficiencies of stores from the beginning, in the Internet era, we will bring physical stores to the end





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