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In this article, Margo full house customization brings you a 197m2 low-key luxury American home case. Let's have a look

when the living conditions improve, we will buy a bigger house to create a better living environment, and so will the owner of this case

due to the improvement of family conditions and the growth of children, the original bedroom space of the owner's home is narrow, which can no longer meet the daily life of his 15-year-old son, so the family decided to buy a house and redecorate it, hoping to live more comfortably

project introduction

address: Shun and slow City, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

house type: four bedrooms, two halls, two bathrooms 197m2

style: Classic American

products: Gatsby series

color: Classic Tan

whole house design


the design of the shoe cabinet at the porch has practical and intimate functions such as putting shoes, temporary bags, and storing small items. The division of the structure in the cabinet meets different needs, such as the classification of common shoe area, long boot area and short boot area. The division of common area and season changing area makes it more convenient for the owner to use

living room

the black sofa in the living room with leopard print and golden brown leather throw pillows increases the three-dimensional sense of space. The British style is matched with the American style, which highlights the style without losing the warmth of the family

TV cabinet

the decorative area of the living room cabinet places ornaments or stores items with precious memories. The common area is convenient for taking books and family entertainment items, and the lower storage area stores articles such as needles, stitches, medicines, and so on. The cabinet door is set to keep the space clean and tidy and not messy due to too many objects

aisle cabinet

behind the sofa is the study space. The living room and the study are separated by the living room bookcase. The two cabinets are symmetrically designed. The upper cabinet is open, which can store and display books and handicrafts, and the lower cabinet is closed, which can store sundries in the living room


the bookcase is designed in a symmetrical manner, arranged in an orderly manner, and uses the division form of upper and lower cabinets

the glass on the cabinet is closed, transparent and closed to prevent dust. Common books and decorations are placed

the lower cabinet is designed with opposite doors for heavy storage. The whole wall bookcase design improves the quality of the space and reflects the owner's lifestyle and quality

dining room

the design style of the dining room is the same as that of the living room. There is no exaggeration and complex modeling. The simple ceiling modeling is equipped with exquisite lines, highlighting the use of materials, the grasp of the overall tone and the carefully matched soft furnishings. The elegant texture gives people a calm and down-to-earth comfortable feeling and conveys a low-key and luxurious sense of quality


wine cabinet fully reflects the aesthetic effect of the combination of practicality and decoration

the lower cabinet is set with the opposite door for daily storage, the diffuse reflector belt increases the decoration, and the red wine storage area is an open lattice storage, which is not only beautiful but also reflects the owner's taste

the design of concave convex position and the use of stone wall and fireplace make the cabinet have a sense of scattered layers, which plays an important role in improving the sense of space quality

master bedroom

the brown leather bed in the master bedroom is decorated with blue leather pillows and orange pillows. The round metal lamps make the master bedroom more noble and exquisite. The calm style reveals a fresh breath

the master bedroom wardrobe is designed as a whole frame door, and the structure in the cabinet is divided. Due to the large number of husband and wife clothes, there are relatively more wall hanging clothes areas. Drawer type storage boxes can be added, which are not messy and convenient to take

old people's room

the old people's room is mainly designed for parents and elders to live temporarily. Like the master bedroom, the old people's room uses leather beds, but the green color is more vibrant and pleasing to the eye. The cotton and hemp soft decoration highlights the identity of residents. The bedroom is wrapped in brown lines, which is atmospheric and stable


the wardrobe design of the elderly room takes into account that the elderly have more folded clothes, so the proportion of hanging clothes and putting folded clothes is half and half. The top, coat and coat are hung, and the drawer type storage box can be selected to store small items, etc

youth room

the design of youth room gives people a comfortable and fashionable feeling. Light grey and navy blue have laid the harmonious tone of the whole space. The checkered wallpaper makes the whole wall have a little retro feeling, no longer unchanging simple and boring, and makes people blend with each other in natural tone and visual presentation


considering that this case is a high school student, it is basically designed according to the size of adults. The function distribution of the main cabinet is mainly multi-functional, and the supplies such as schoolbags and clothes are stored at the same time, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one cabinet


the learning area of the youth room is designed by the window. The bookcase and desk are integrated according to the window design. When you are tired, you can open the window to see the scenery, and there are storage cabinets on both sides, which can store residents' learning books and supplies, which is very convenient




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