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What is the current situation of domestic labeling machine?

at present, China's labeling machine industry is in a relatively mature stage. The labeling machine manufacturing enterprises have a certain scale, and continue to grow in mutual competition, improving in competition, developing in improvement, innovating in development, and growing in innovation. In recent years, most foreign products have been squeezed out of the country

at present, most products on the market have realized automatic labeling, except for those that do not make the upper bus of the sample and the center of the photocell on the same horizontal plane. The full-automatic labeling machine is the guarantee to provide perfect labeling of commodities. Our hardness tester features in both product quantity and labeling accuracy: it can meet the market demand to a large extent. Therefore, the full-automatic labeling machine industry has become an indispensable packaging equipment in the commodity market

on the whole, as a 3-component mixing head, the current situation of China's labeling machine is relatively optimistic, with good development space and development trend. However, if China's labeling machine enterprises want to go abroad and comply with the market development, they still need to make continuous efforts to work hard on product quality and quantity to produce more efficient and common drug packaging materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene infusion bottles, non PVC multi-layer co extrusion infusion bags Oral solid pharmaceutical polypropylene bottles and oral solid pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles are all made of plastic materials, which are stable and of higher quality

behind the continuous development of the market, the automatic labeling machine industry has broad development space, but with the improvement of packaging demand and requirements, the automatic labeling machine has also encountered some problems in its development. How to break through these problems has become the primary task of the development of automatic labeling machine, especially in such a fierce market competition of automatic labeling machine, we can be invincible without the enemy

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