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What is the current level of China's UAV technology in the world

Abstract: UAV is a new technology emerging in recent decades, and China has also developed rapidly in the field of UAV. So what is the level of China's UAV technology in the world

UAV is a new technology emerging in recent decades. China has also developed rapidly in the field of UAV. So what is the level of China's UAV technology in the world

the United States has the most advanced UAV technology in the world, including a variety of advanced models such as the global eagle, predator and God of death. The United States has always regarded UAVs as the most effective anti-terrorism weapon. For terrorists without advanced air defense systems, UAVs are obviously the most appropriate. Once shot down, there is no trouble of casualties or capture. For more than a decade, from the Taliban, Al Qaida to the Islamic state, a large number of terrorists have died at the hands of us drones, including some important leaders of terrorist organizations. "

the reason why bin Laden was killed by us special forces was due to the early reconnaissance of UAVs. Before the" seal "troops raided bin Laden's house, a UAV had been hovering over bin Laden's house for several hours

moreover, the UAV technology is not very complicated, so the United States has always adopted very strict restrictions on the export of UAVs. But if you are shot down or captured on the battlefield, there is no way

so, what is the level of UAV technology in China? Take China's Rainbow UAV as an example. It can be said that it has reached the world-class level, but it is not the world's top. Compared with similar products in the United States, the performance of rainbow 5 still lags behind, especially in the engine field

however, rainbow 5 has its own uniqueness and advantages in some aspects. It is mainly low price and basically meet the needs of customers. The price of death drone, a similar product in the United States, is nearly $17million, while the price of rainbow 5 is less than $8million, which is only half of that of death

rainbow 5 has other advantages:

first, it is very easy to master. The operation of the American Reaper UAV is very complex, and the requirements for operators are very high, which is no lower than the pilots of manned fighters. Under normal circumstances, it takes at least half a year to train such a UAV operator

the operation of rainbow 5 is much simpler. According to the relevant introduction, the complex operation of UAV is that the take-off and landing actions can be completed automatically. Before the UAV takes off, it can automatically set the route, so there is no need to worry about it, just observe, identify and attack. As a result, it takes only oneortwo months to train a UAV operator. Especially in countries with low average educational level, rainbow UAV has great competitiveness

second, rainbow 5 has a long stagnation time. Rainbow 5 can fly for 40 hours with up to 16 missiles. Responsible for the adoption of the enhanced version 5 at present, the substation has been built with an area of about 10000 square meters, and the dead time can even reach an amazing 120 hours. If the light load status is changed, rainbow 5 can fly 3000 kilometers away and hover on the target for 10 hours. This is the largest range of UAV in the world

of course, the rainbow UAV also has defects. Besides the engine, the biggest problem is the flight altitude. The US Reaper UAV can fly at a maximum altitude of 15000 meters, which is beyond the firepower range of most individual shoulder launched air defense weapons in the world. The highest flight altitude of rainbow 5 is only 7000 meters, which is only half of that of the God of death UAV. This altitude is also the effective killing range of most air defense missiles. Why is that? In the final analysis, the engine is still backward. The higher the flight altitude, the higher the requirements for the engine. In addition, the observation equipment of rainbow 5 UAV is also relatively higher than that of American UAV. 1. Whether the software can be opened normally lags behind

of course, although there is still a gap in performance, it is already the world leader in terms of quantity and cost performance. This is closely related to our industrial situation. Since the reform and opening up, China's national strength has made great progress. The industrial scale has already ranked first in the world, and the system is comprehensive and complete. This is also forced by one person to fight the world. However, as the largest developing country, there are still many basic projects that have not been completed, the industrial foundation is not solid enough, and the mastery of core technologies does not match the status of a big country. These are also facts. We should have a clear understanding. When it comes to the UAV, the engine problem that was bitter at the mention of it still exists, and it is also the most backward weakness in the UAV as a whole

in addition, the "observation" in the integration of military UAV observation and combat, that is, UAV observation equipment, also lags behind the same equipment in the West. However, the U.S. drones are on a high road, which is not necessarily correct. Stacking drones with cutting-edge technology is like the global Eagle whose unit price is more than $17million. It is completely the inertial thinking of the development of manned aircraft. Drones should not be developed in this way. If you buy Taobao civilian version drones with $17million, install civilian cameras, and hang bombs, you can conquer many small countries with enough quantity! In the future battlefield, what UAV should pursue is to win by quantity

yes, it is quantity! quantity quantity As for technology, it is enough to keep up with the pace of popularizing civil technology on the market! Many countries, including China, purchase civilian UAVs and then refit them to meet the needs of military tasks. In the Middle East battlefield, rainbow UAVs with a price of less than one million dollars are the favorite of most countries. Global eagles and predators are expensive. Training and using them is not much easier than training a real fighter pilot. You can see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder that most war-torn areas in the world are underdeveloped areas. Rainbow 5 is too high-end. It is really a kind of UAV with tens of thousands of dollars of postage, It is more convenient for them to start

the real Wuchang fight. I dare not say anything else. In the area of UAV, the magic modified civilian UAV, which carries out saturated suicide attacks with a quantitative advantage, is the most frightening. High end global Eagles can only watch and cry in front of such a frenzy of cheap UAVs! Moreover, the performance of UAV is not too backward now, which is the most suitable development road for rubber and plastic materials as non-metallic materials in line with China's national conditions

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