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What is the progress of the "five year goal" of the instrument industry

201 this requires that plastic additives can enhance the degradation of plastics without hindering the degradation of plastics during landfilling. Six years are about to pass. How about the completion of the "five-year development goal" set by the instrument industry at the beginning? Let's see how it goes

in the "13th five year plan" for the development of the instrumentation industry prepared by the China instrumentation industry association, detailed opinions are given on the work priorities and task objectives for the next five years, in which the national strategy and macro policies are taken as important guidance for the development of the industry, and more intelligent and networked development requirements are put forward for the supply of instruments

Objective: closely follow the military civilian integration strategy

completion: ★★☆

with the strong support of China instrumentation society and industry associations, the instrument industry has established close ties with the military civilian integration strategy in the middle of 2016, and some substantive progress has been made

the China Institute of instrumentation, together with 8 associations affiliated to the China Association for science and technology, including the China Nuclear Society and the China Electronics Society, has jointly established a consortium of military civilian integration associations of the China Association for science and technology. With large national defense technology enterprises or colleges and universities as support units, and with close ties with the military industry, it has built a high-end think tank for military civilian integration science and technology innovation, It provides strong intellectual support for the instrument industry to cooperate with the implementation of the national military civilian integration strategy and the formulation of relevant major policies. At this year's instrument and meter academic industry conference, yangjunhua, Deputy Secretary General of the consortium, also stressed the need to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism for the transfer and transformation of military and civilian scientific and technological achievements to accelerate industrial development

in addition to scientific research institutions, colleges and universities have gradually joined the army as the backbone to promote military civilian integration and instrument development. Professors of UESTC once shared the report on "building a military civilian integrated scientific research system in Colleges and universities", hoping to make full use of the "industry, University, research and application" in the university to contribute more to the development of the industry

with the encouragement of many parties, various fields also actively participated in the first China civil military dual-use technology innovation and application competition. More than 700 entries covered six key areas, from new generation information technology to aerospace equipment, from marine engineering equipment to new materials and new energy. It can be seen that the strategy of "civil military integration" has been accurately implemented in the instrument industry, and substantial progress has been made since the goal was set at the beginning of this year. It can be predicted that the expectation of "the instrument industry should adapt to the needs of national strategies and macro policies such as civil military integration and promote industrial adjustment and upgrading" proposed in the 13th five year plan will be successfully realized

Objective: intelligent supply of instruments

completion: ★★☆☆

in the 13th five year plan for instruments and meters, it is expected to comprehensively improve the performance of leading products, especially the automation and intelligence level. In 2016, nb-iot narrowband IOT and Lora technology achieved rapid development and made good achievements in various fields. In particular, the cellular based narrowband IOT nb-iot, although an emerging technology in IOT, has developed into an important branch of the Internet of things. It is expected to be commercially available next year, and has been piloted in some cities

the development of smart water, smart electricity and smart gas all put forward the demand for supply instruments. However, in general, influenced by the infinite collection technology, IOT has more extensive research in the field of water meters and gas meters. Sanchuan wisdom, Xintian technology and other listed companies seized the Internet + opportunity to become pioneers, and have achieved good market benefits. Sanchuan's market has been expanding. At the beginning of this year, it signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Jingzhao water meter. It is expected that IOT water meters will enter the Beijing market. After Xintian technology has made a breakthrough in the field of intelligent water, most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. According to the research report released last month, the company's performance in the field of smart gas meters has grown rapidly and will become the focus of future development

in addition, after the outbreak of the market potential of Internet + intelligent instrument products, Huawei, China Mobile and other companies have successfully reached far-reaching cooperation with instrument enterprises, which can be tested through tensile tests, injecting funds and new forces into the instrument industry. Among them, Huawei has a fast market response. It has joined hands with Sanchuan and Ningbo water meters to plan to carry out technical research and industrial promotion in the field of smart water and IOT water meters. It can be seen that the intelligent instrument market has long been highly competitive, adding the strength of telecom operators and making the research on nb-iot technology instrument products more efficient

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