What is the change of Myanmar teak export policy

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What are the changes in Myanmar teak export policy

when it comes to teak, it must be Myanmar that has good transparency. The quality of teak in Myanmar can be seen all over the world. The famous scenic spot uben bridge in Mandalay is all made of teak. With a history of more than 100 years, the new project of "graphene flagship program" has been launched. It is the longest teak bridge in the world. Now, Myanmar's teak export has changed

in 2014, Myanmar issued a decree banning the export of teak. At that time, there was no clear distinction between the production of natural forest and that of planting forest farm. Because of the fear of mixing the logs of natural forest into them to muddle through the export, all teak logs were banned from export. In fact, this can be distinguished. The original trees produced in natural forests have a large girth, while those produced in private plantations will not be very large, because the annual division is very high, and the maximum girth will be only about 2 feet, which is not larger than this

at present, the Myanmar government has plans to relax and allow the logs produced by private plantation forest farms to be exported. Regarding the approval of private forest farms for planting teak and exportable logs, the Myanmar forestry management department has submitted an application to the Ministry of resources and environmental protection to consider the availability of self identification before the experiment. After approval, the information will be officially released

it is forbidden to export logs. In fact, it is forbidden to export logs produced by natural forest farms, and more importantly, logs that threaten the safety of people's lives. However, after the previous decree was issued, it became vague that they were all closed. The fact is that the timber planted is not only planted by forestry departments, but also by private enterprises. The relevant Myanmar authorities have applied for permission to export the tender teak produced in the forest farm

teak produced in Myanmar forest farms is usually made into finished teak columns. Generally, there is no market in Myanmar, and only export can make profits. If the logs of the forest farm are approved to be exported, it should attract a lot of foreign investment

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