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What is the core competitiveness of the carton factory

the waste paper before the festival is ready to move, crawling forward. Base paper is led by bulls to pull up a market. The increase of waste paper is to reduce the loss of exploitation. The base paper thinks that there are mainly two types of tension measuring and recording devices for the 5.1 small tension testing machine: mechanical instrument type and sensor type. The long holiday is the peak season for goods preparation. Naturally, there will be demand growth, and the price increase will come naturally. Everything seems reasonable and natural

whether the price can rise or not, let's look at the demand first

since the third level factory went to work after, it has not been able to resume orders, about 30% less than the same period last year

where are so few

some of them were transferred along with the transfer of manufacturing industry, some overdrawn foreign trade orders for surprise shipment years ago, and some were snatched away by secondary factories

9. Speed selection: 0.05 ~ 500mm/min (sent to the rapid experimental conditioning manual control box)

there is only one condition for the increase: the order must be increased and the order must be increased by the third level factory. Why

once the demand for paperboard increases due to the increase of carton orders of the third level factory, the Paperboard Factory sees the opportunity to take advantage of the atmosphere of the price increase of the upstream base paper and immediately increase the price, because the price transfer mechanism of the paperboard factory is the fastest. If the order of the third level factory is not increased but the carton order of the second level factory, even if the demand increases, the second level factory will not have the ability and motivation to face the end users in person

however, the reality is that there is no sign of any increase in orders due to the arrival of holidays in the tertiary plant recently. Most of the reason is that the downstream end customers do not have a large number of orders

demand needs to be conducted. There is no source nor downstream

there is no increase in effective demand. Price increase is just a price increase, that's all

the rise and fall of prices can be transferred through the transmission of the industrial chain, but the speed of transfer is inconsistent with the degree of transfer. However, 30 regions have issued relevant supporting policies. See that price is not the core competitiveness of the carton packaging industry, what is the core competitiveness

delivery capability

only delivery capability is the core competitiveness of the carton packaging industry

what is the delivery capability of core competitiveness

how to build this core competitiveness

how to build core competitiveness at low cost

the big customers didn't give you big orders, not because your prices were high, nor because they doubted your service attitude, nor because they really had dirty deals, but because they were not confident about your delivery ability

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