What is the best about the original tire

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What is good about the original tire

it is one of the most common issues for car owners to consider when replacing tires. Do they choose the original tires? According to a survey conducted by wer, an American automobile evaluation agency, 79% of car owners will continue to use the original brand when changing new tires, while those who choose other brands are mainly based on their personal brand preferences

what are the advantages of the original tires

the main reason for choosing the original tire is that the quality is guaranteed. In order to obtain the original certification of the main engine factory, the tire manufacturer must go through a series of severe tests. Many tire enterprises with weak strength often have to give up the original market. In other words, the performance of the tire brand in the original market can reflect the product quality, performance and brand influence of the enterprise. On the other hand, most automobile manufacturers also prefer to choose well-known brands when choosing tires, so as to improve the grade

MAGGIS, one of the top ten tire brands in the world, has been deeply involved in the OE original tire market for many years. At present, MAGGIS has become the original tire supplier of many vehicle manufacturers, demonstrating the value of original tires with its strength. According to China tire Commerce (), three new cars have recently chosen MAGGIS as the supporting tire. Let's learn about it

MAGGIS hp-m3 and GAC motor gs5

in the SUV market, GAC motor has always had a good reputation and created a number of popular models. At this year's Paris auto show, GAC motor officially released its new GS5, breaking the five-year situation of production and sales suspension

MAGGIS hp-m3: fuel-efficient, environmental friendly and comfortable experience

MAGGIS hp-m3 is a four season tire, which mainly meets the needs of high-end car and urban SUV drivers. It has outstanding performance in terms of low noise and driving comfort. The degradation cycle of PCL is 2 ~ 3a, and it also has excellent dry wetland handling performance

through careful observation, it can be found that hp-m3 focuses on handling from the perspective of carcass structure or tread design. The high-strength steel belt provides high-speed driving stability, and the two-layer carcass cord yarn design can reduce impact; The high rigidity tread center pattern and large shoulder design are designed to improve handling. The tread design of environmental friendly oil can provide good fuel-saving performance. The four wide main ditches and horizontal rills greatly increase the drainage, and ensure the control of wetlands and snow

MAGGIS MS1, together with GAC motor Gm6 and Chery arizer gx

mpv models, has always occupied a place in the automotive market for its super practicality and space utilization. GAC motor Gm6, which was just launched this month, is called the most powerful MPV of the same level, a luxury version not higher than 135000 yuan, continuing GAC motor's high cost performance route as always

as a new product launched for the first time after Chery announced its capital increase and share expansion, the change of Arezzo GX is still very obvious, the most significant of which is the increase of "appearance". The test drive has received a lot of praise, and the progress of driving quality is amazing

as a new product launched for the first time after Chery announced its capital increase and share expansion, the change of arizer GX is expected to double again in the next 20 years. It is obvious that the most significant one is the increase of "there are many factors affecting tool wear by appearance". The test drive has received a lot of good reviews, and the progress of driving quality is amazing

MAGGIS MS1: comfortable, quiet and safe

ms1 is the most representative high-end comfortable product of MAGGIS and won the "2017 China wheel of the year" award. Specially designed for consumers who pay attention to mute and comfort, this tire has spared no effort in mute control. The S-shaped pattern block and the closed shoulder design can effectively decompose and absorb noise, and reduce the hardness of the tread compound to achieve the purpose of silencing noise. After testing by the authority, the mute performance of MS1 can reach class A on the Chinese green label. In addition, MS1 uses an innovative and improved formula to improve the road following performance, so as to significantly improve the grip performance. The new 2-layer high-strength steel wire loop and high tension nylon winding can effectively improve the handling and ensure the driving safety in dry wetlands

focus on high-quality products such as case covers and sleeves. Whether in the OE original market or re repair market, MAGGIS focuses on creating high-quality products and insists on creating a better driving experience for consumption. It is believed that MAGGIS will go further and further in the Chinese market in the future

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