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What is the scope of use of construction machinery

1. Scope and definition of construction machinery

construction machinery is an important part of the machinery industry. It is related to transportation construction (highway, railway, port, airport, pipeline transportation, etc.), energy industry construction and production (coal, petroleum, thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, etc.), raw material industry construction and production (black mines, non-ferrous mines, building materials mines, chemical raw materials mines, etc.) Agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction (such as farmland soil improvement, signal change when the data is bent and the force value fluctuates up and down in rural areas), road construction, farmland water conservancy, rural construction and transformation, forest area road construction and maintenance, log yard construction, timber cultivation, logging, root and Branch collection, river embankment construction and maintenance, lake and river management, river dredging, flood control and plugging, etc.) The development of industrial and civil buildings (various industrial buildings, civil buildings, urban construction and transformation, environmental protection projects, etc.) and the construction of national defense projects are closely related to the realization of modernization in these fields. In other words, the above fields are the main and important markets of construction machinery

what is engineering machinery? Generally speaking, all mechanical equipment necessary for earthwork, stonework, mobile lifting and handling works (i.e. lifting and handling works at non fixed operation sites) and various construction works, comprehensive mechanized construction and mechanized operation of industrial production process related to the above works are called construction machinery

2、 Products covered by construction machinery

18 categories

(1) excavation machinery (single bucket excavator, excavator loader, bucket wheel excavator, tunneling machinery, etc.)

(2) earth moving and transportation machinery (bulldozer, loader, scraper, grader, dump truck, etc.)

(3) engineering hoisting machinery (tower crane, wheel crane, crawler crane, winch, construction elevator, aerial operation machinery, etc.)

(4) Industrial vehicles (forklift, stacker, tractor, etc.)

(5) compaction machinery (road roller, compaction machinery, etc.)

(6) pavement machinery (paver, mixing equipment, road machine maintenance machine 1, equipment that should always be kept clean inside and outside the experimental machine, etc.)

(7) piling machinery (pile hammer, pile pressing machine, and easy to query, output, print drill, rotary drilling rig, etc.)

(8) concrete machinery (concrete mixer, mixing plant (building), vibrator, concrete pump, concrete pump truck Concrete products machinery, etc.)

(9) reinforcement and prestressing machinery (reinforcement processing machinery, prestressing machinery, reinforcement welding machine, etc.)

(10) decoration machinery (paint spraying machinery, ground finishing machinery, window cleaning machine, etc.)

(11) rock drilling machinery (rock drill, crusher, drill (car), etc.)

(12) pneumatic tools (rotary and impact pneumatic tools, pneumatic motors, etc.)

(13) Railway line machinery (track bed operation machinery, track sleeper machinery, etc.)

(14) municipal engineering and environmental sanitation machinery (municipal machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, waste treatment equipment, garden machinery, etc.)

(15) military engineering machinery (road and bridge machinery, military engineering vehicles, trenching machines, etc.)

(16) elevators and escalators (elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, etc.)

(17) special parts for engineering machinery (hydraulic parts, transmission parts, cab, etc.)

(18) other special engineering machinery (power station, water conservancy special engineering machinery, etc.)

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