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Plastic machinery and plastic mold industry has become a high growth and development trend

compared with metal, stone and wood, plastic products have the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity. They are widely used in the national economy. The plastic industry occupies a very important position in the world today. For many years, the production of plastic products has developed at a high speed all over the world. Statistics show that the output of plastic products in China has always been in the forefront of the world rankings, among which a variety of plastic products have ranked first in the world, and China has become a major producer of plastic products in the world

in terms of demand, there is still a big gap between China's per capita plastic consumption and that of developed countries in the world. According to statistics, as an indicator of the development level of a country's plastic industry, the ratio of plastic to steel in China is only 30:70, less than the world average of 50:50, and further less than the developed countries such as the United States of America's 70:30 and Germany's 63:37. In the future, with the technological progress and consumption upgrading of modified plastics in China, the demand for plastic products in China is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 10%. Plastic products are widely used, and the huge downstream industry has provided strong support for the development of China's plastic products industry. With the promulgation of the detailed rules for the revitalization of the petrochemical industry, China's plastic products industry has ushered in new development opportunities

the research report shows that the development trend of high growth of plastic machinery and plastic mold industry, as well as the boosting effect of the steady development of light industries such as household appliances, food, beverages, leather and toys, is also a good endogenous environment for the development of the plastic industry; Automobile, medical plastics, real estate, especially affordable housing and other industries have developed steadily with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, which has increased the demand of plastic products manufacturers and become a favorable exogenous environment for the plastic industry. At the same time, the acceleration of exchange rate changes, the increase of deposit reserve ratio and interest rate, the rise of raw materials and labor costs, and the tense situation of power supply and demand, which are bad for most industries and enterprises, also perplex the plastic products industry and form public bad

on the basis of continuous breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies in the plastic industry, we will focus on the current core technologies with key commonalities, and strive to narrow the gap with high-tech production technologies in developed countries. The acceleration of technological progress will give plastic materials and plastic products more new functions to meet the needs of the national economy. If the comparison voltage of the two operational amplifiers is abnormal, it is required

digital intelligent technology is the common feature of product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation. The enabling technology is nearly 20 times that of steel, and the production mode and industrial form of manufacturing industry are profoundly reformed. It is the core technology of the new industrial revolution. Lightweight technology will bring great convenience to the development of plastic industry

in the future, lightweight materials will be more and more widely used in automobiles, aircraft and rail transit; Precision is an embodiment of advanced molding technology in the processing industry of plastic products, which is of great significance to the industry; Cleaner production and eco-friendly, for the plastic processing industry to create a new level of energy conservation and emission reduction

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