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China's plastic machinery market will have an export boom

in terms of sales region, the region of developing countries is expected to become the largest sales market of plastic machinery in the world. In recent years, Brazil's demand for plastic machinery has been increasing. Affected by this, central and South America is expected to become the world's largest sales market. Followed by Africa and the Middle East. Although the current annual growth rate of demand for plastic machinery in India is only 12%, the report predicts that the country's demand for plastic machinery will increase significantly in the next few years

before using this disposable chopsticks less, there were many uncertainties in the global economic development, and the market changed rapidly. With the growing growth of China's plastic machinery industry, especially after entering the 21st century with the combined use of metal nitrides and carbides with high unloading prices, the rapid growth of domestic demand for plastic products and the increase of exports effectively promoted the development of the plastic machinery industry

blow molding machines have always been one of the categories with the largest commercial deficit in China's plastic machine market. In the first three quarters of this year, the import and export trade deficit of China's blow molding machines reached US $48.76 million, a sharp drop of 72.2% year-on-year; The top ten imports of blow molding machines account for 47.7% of the total exports of modified plastics

extruder is one of the small import and export households in China's foreign trade market of plastic machines, second only to injection molding machines. In the first three quarters of 2013, China exported 9262 extruders with a total export value of 238million US dollars, while the top ten import destinations accounted for 48.2 of them

from the perspective of sub categories, in the first three quarters of 2013, China's cumulative imports of injection molding machines to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics Turkey, Indonesia, the United States and other places were very different, limited to $10000; The cumulative imports of China's injection molding machines from these five import sources accounted for 34.8% of China's total exports of injection molding machines in the same period; Indeed, since previous years, China's imports of injection molding machines have fallen in an all-round way, with a landing range as high as 18.1. In absolute terms, imports have increased slightly, but the growth rate is small

in 2012, the top three import countries of injection molding machines in China were Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil. Since the beginning of this year, Indonesia and Brazil have seen a weak growth rate, while Thailand has seen a sharp drop of 36.8% This introduces that the overseas injection molding machine market is also the first to be tough. In the future, foreign investment in modified plastics of injection molding machines will need to be more cautious

as the current domestic market is less active than the international market, this situation will promote more enterprises to go international. It can be expected that in the future, the plastic machine industry will have an export boom, and this fierce domestic competition will be transmitted to the international market

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