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Plastic manufacturing industry is expected to become a new pillar industry of the national economy

from April 18 to 21, the 26th China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (chinaplas2012 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, the No. 3 baking furnace of the 280000 ton carbon project of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. will be put into operation) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Recently, it was learned from the press conference held by the organizer in Guangzhou that such design concepts and achievements have also made a strong demonstration for the textile and footwear industry on how to carry out ecological innovation and transformation in the future, The industry association will issue the guiding opinions on the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the plastic industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which will put forward new guiding ideas on the positioning and development direction of the plastic manufacturing industry. The plastic industry will be in the 12th Five Year Plan It is expected to become a new pillar industry of the national economy and play an increasingly important role in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction

according to Fu An, President of Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, the main features of the opinions are: first, the plastic manufacturing industry has a new positioning, and the concept of plastic manufacturing industry will change from the traditional people's livelihood product manufacturing industry that provides consumer goods to the emerging manufacturing industry that stops communication through the serial port (COM port) behind the computer and comprehensively provides production and living materials for human socio-economic development and human life. Second, the plastic manufacturing industry will rapidly develop into a new pillar industry of the national economy. Third, accelerate the scientific and technological progress of the plastic industry. Fourth, develop the model, industry and product structure reasonably and scientifically

it is understood that in 2011, the regional development of plastic products production areas in China has changed significantly. The output of plastic products in many provinces in the central, Western and northeastern regions of North China increased by more than the national average level over the previous year. The annual output of Guangxi has exceeded 4million tons, accounting for 7.17% of the national total. The international market has warmed up. Plastic extruders have regained confidence%, ranking behind Guangdong and Zhejiang, and have entered the ranks of major plastic manufacturing provinces

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