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21st century: China's plastic machinery

with the wide application of plastic products and the rapid growth of their output, plastic machinery has become an important technical equipment in building materials, packaging, electronic and electrical, automotive, petrochemical, machinery and other industries, and the demand has surged. As Dai Zhongyao, Secretary General of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, said, the plastics industry has become a sunrise industry in China's economic development in the 21st century

the main economic indicators are in the forefront

with the development of China's plastic industry, the growth rate of plastic machinery industry in recent years is about 30%, which is one of the fastest growing industries. In 2001, the total industrial output value of China's plastic machinery industry was 8.1 billion yuan and the profit was 590 million yuan. The growth of profit margin was much higher than that of the total industrial output value. In 2001, the total output value of plastic machinery industry was 2.3 times that of 1995, while the profit margin was 4.5 times that of 1995. It is 4.5 times that of 1995 in the national machinery industry. Among the 194 industries in the national machinery industry, the main economic indicators of the plastic machinery industry are in the forefront

at present, there are nearly 400 major plastic machine manufacturing enterprises in China, most of which are distributed in the southeast coast, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Injection molding machines, extruders and common Lego building blocks are ABS product production lines and hollow blow molding machines, which together account for more than 85% of the total output value, number of machines and weight of China's plastic machinery industry, of which injection molding machines account for the largest share of the three varieties, more than 50%. At present, China's plastic machine products can basically meet the general technical equipment required for the processing of plastic raw materials and the processing and molding of plastic products, and individual products have entered the forefront of the world. However, we should be soberly aware that compared with developed countries such as Germany and Italy, where steel structures are mainly composed of steel materials, China's plastic machinery industry still lags far behind. The main reason is that there are few varieties of products and low grades. Many equipment such as large granulators still need to be imported. In 2001 alone, China imported plastic machinery with a foreign exchange of 1.12 billion US dollars, while exported plastic machinery with only 130 million US dollars

the space for industrial development is broader.

although the plastic machinery industry directly accounts for a small proportion of the national economy and the machinery industry, and the total output value of the plastic machinery industry accounted for 4.2% of the total output value of China's machinery industry in 2001, with the increasingly wide range of applications of plastic products, plastic machinery for processing polymer materials has become an important production equipment in various manufacturing industries and plays an increasingly important role in the national economy

according to incomplete statistics, at present, the output value of China's plastic machinery industry is about 10billion yuan/year, while the domestic market demand is large, which can accelerate the technological innovation at about 20billion yuan/year, and there is still a lot of market space. From the development of the world economy in the past decade, we can see that even in the world financial crisis in, the world plastic industry (including the plastic machinery industry) still maintained a growth rate of 3.5% - 4.5%, which shows that the plastic industry has a strong growth force. Some people in developed countries in Europe and the United States predict that the material field in the 21st century is the world of plastics, and China is the largest market for the plastic industry (including the plastic machine industry) in the 21st century

at the same time, the building materials industry, packaging industry, electronic information industry and automobile industry have developed rapidly, increasing the demand for plastics and expanding the market of plastic machinery. First of all, in the building materials industry sector, plastic machinery is mainly used for the production of sewer pipes, water supply pipes, door and window profiles, waterproof coiled materials, wire pipes, etc; In the packaging industry, plastic is widely used, involving almost all industrial sectors. Plastic machinery is mainly used for the production of plastic packaging such as packaging film, sheet material, turnover box, etc; In the electrical and electronic information industry, the production of refrigerators, televisions and other products' casings, components, transmission lines, plugs and sockets, as well as the production of various optical discs of information carriers are equipped by the plastic machinery industry; The plastic machinery industry is required to provide production equipment for the production of bumpers, covering parts and interior decorative parts on automobiles; In modern agriculture, the production of greenhouses, double-layer sheds, drainage and irrigation pipe systems, and various agricultural films all need the equipment provided by the plastic machinery industry. The rapid development of these industries will effectively drive the development of plastic machinery industry

The development of plastic machinery industry depends on the development of plastic raw material industry and plastic product processing industry. With the development of plastic industry, plastic machinery is developing in the direction of energy saving, material saving and high efficiency to meet the requirements of plastic raw materials and plastic products processing enterprises to save costs. At the same time, the scientific and technological content is also improving. The injection molding machine tends to be large and precise, while the extruder is developing towards multi-layer and large-scale. In addition, the pollution of plastics has attracted the attention of all countries. Although the plastic machinery industry itself is a pollution-free industry, it is also necessary to develop plastic machines that can directly process waste and recycled plastics in the future

now that China has joined the WTO, the plastic machine industry will also comprehensively meet foreign competition and challenges. Now some foreign companies have entered the mainland of China, making full use of domestic human and material resources, reducing production costs, and then competing with us. In this regard, Dai Zhongyao pointed out that when we can borrow foreign capital to enter, we can actively expand international economic and technological cooperation, introduce foreign advanced technology, promote professional production, and develop our own high-tech, precision, and advanced plastic machine products. Moreover, China's plastic machinery industry can also take advantage of the opportunity of joining the WTO to import high-quality and low-cost supporting parts with low taxes and improve the quality level of the whole machine, which is conducive to export to developing countries. In short, we should seize opportunities, meet challenges, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and find a development space suitable for our own enterprises

on the whole, the market prospect of the plastic machinery industry is closely related to the growth of the plastic industry. The per capita plastic consumption is a comprehensive indicator reflecting the level of a country's plastic industry. Although China is already the second largest country in the world in terms of plastic consumption, the per capita plastic consumption is still very low due to its large population, and the level of plastic machinery industry is far from meeting the domestic plastic market demand. With the development of China's national economy, this gap must be narrowed, which undoubtedly indicates that China's plastic machinery industry has broad space and bright prospects

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