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Guangdong plastic machinery manufacturing has exceeded the national total by 1/4

since the 1990s, Guangdong plastic machinery manufacturing industry has been in high-speed and stable development, which has not only increased sharply in quantity, but also significantly improved in quality

Guangdong Province has become a major plastic machinery production province, especially Shantou has become a key production base of plastic machinery in China. Plastic machinery manufacturing in Guangdong exceeds 1/4 of the national total

in the 1990s (3) the era of confirming the limit position before the experiment, especially in the new century, the progress of plastic machinery manufacturing technology in Guangdong Province has accelerated. The products have made breakthroughs in the main comprehensive economic and technical indicators. At present, the manufacturing technology of enterprises or products that represent the manufacturing level of plastic machinery in China has entered the international advanced ranks. In general, the manufacturing technology of plastic machinery in Guangdong Province has approached the international advanced level

the main comprehensive technical indicators include temperature control accuracy, energy consumption per unit mass of raw material molding, plastic molding accuracy and machine production efficiency. Whether these indicators are advanced or not is closely related to plastic raw materials, production technology, processing equipment and molds. In terms of equipment, it is also related to each configuration technology of its production line. These indicators affect the market competitiveness of energy saving, material saving and products, and are the necessary conditions for equipment manufacturing enterprises to maximize benefits for users

in terms of the development of large-scale plastic processing equipment that is still blank in China, Shantou Far East Light Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed BOPP and BOPET production lines with international advanced level configuration in 2002 and 2004 respectively. The two products can replace the imported biaxial tensile film processing equipment. The bopp4200-5000 biaxially oriented polypropylene film production line, which passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal in 2004, has a film width of 4200mm; Production speed 50M/min-200m/min; The production capacity is 5000t/y. The bopet5200-10000 biaxially stretched polyester film production unit, which passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal in 2005, has a maximum film width of 5200mm; Production speed 50 m/min ~ 250m/min; The production capacity can reach 10000t/y. The appraisal committee agreed that "the unit fills the domestic gap, is a domestic initiative, and its main technical indicators are at the advanced level of similar international products with easy cost control"

in terms of plastic processing equipment with high-tech content, the co extrusion blown film production line of Guangdong Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved three-layer, five layer and seven layer co extrusion, and the application of its stacking head has made great innovation. In 2005, the company cooperated with Professor Zhao Yanwei of Guangzhou University to develop bmjv Ⅱ - 500 multi-layer co extrusion fuel tank forming equipment for vehicles, and has achieved phased results

in the manufacturing of precision injection molding machinery and equipment, the digital disc injection molding machine developed by Guangdong Hongli Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has seven patents, one of which has obtained invention patents from seven countries, including Europe, the United States, Japan and China. The product forming cycle is ≤ 4.5s, and the product accuracy is ± 0.5% mm

Shantou Qijia Machinery Co., Ltd. has undergone nearly 100 tests in the manufacturing of environmental friendly plastic machinery. The kdfj-a starch degradable material extrusion sheet machine unit, which produces disposable degradable tableware, has overcome the low starch content and is much easier to clean the machine barrel than to clean the screw

Guangdong plastic machinery and printing machinery not only meet the needs of the domestic market and save a lot of foreign exchange for the country, but also enter the international market year by year, and its number has reached 25% of the plastic machinery industry. In recent years, the export of plastic machinery has not only increased rapidly in quantity, but also changed greatly in the export region. It has gradually shifted from mainly exporting developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to developed countries or more developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan

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