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China's plastic machinery industry has become the main force in the machinery industry

in recent years, China's plastic machinery industry has occupied an important position in today's world. More and more plastic products are exported overseas, and the plastic machinery market has occupied the main force position in the huge machinery industry

from the market performance of the plastic machinery industry in the past four years, the growth rate of the main indicators reached a peak in 2010. The main reason for this phenomenon came from the financial crisis in 2008, which caused the low-level operation of the market in 2009, and then led to the boom of the market in 2010. In 2012, affected by the downturn in the overall OEM industry and the slowdown in the development of the automotive industry, the main economic indicators of the plastic machinery industry fell year-on-year or even showed negative growth. According to relevant market research surveys, the overall scale of automation in the plastic machinery industry fell by about 6.5% in 2012

as another indicator to measure the development level of a country's plastic industry, the ratio of plastic to steel in China is only 30:70, less than the world average of 50:50, and further less than developed countries such as the United States of America's 70:30 and Germany's 63:37. These gaps, on the other hand, show that China's plastic products and plastic machinery industry has a large space for development. At the same time, with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous promotion of energy conservation, environmental protection and green low-carbon economy, China's per capita plastic consumption will grow faster, and the development prospect of China's plastic machinery industry will be better

China's plastic machinery market has attracted more and more attention from foreign enterprises. On the one hand, many large international enterprises continue to increase the depth and breadth of cooperation with China's plastic machinery enterprises, but more often they use mergers or share purchases to occupy China's plastic machinery market. Foreign enterprises such as Demag, Connell and Hong Kong Zhenxiong have entered the Chinese market through joint ventures with domestic enterprises or the establishment of separate subsidiaries or representative offices

according to insiders, the "machine manufacturing high-performance mixed long fiber thermoplastic composites machine" part of the two core parts of the plastic machinery industry in China and the international level is far from enough. From raw materials to mechanical equipment processing and mechanical design, foreign advanced technology is still beyond the reach of Chinese enterprises in the short term

in 2013, with the recovery of the overall economy and the direct promotion brought by industrial upgrading, 205, LCP and other automation markets that have been used in the plastic machinery industry for 13 years will also recover. It is necessary to tighten the foundation bolts of the experimental machine to the normal growth level. First of all, rough polishing is likely to rank among the international advanced levels

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