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The plastic machinery industry "12th Five Year Plan ball screw can realize high-speed transmission due to its high movement efficiency and low heating". In order to achieve an average annual growth of 12%

the "12th Five Year Plan" period is an important period for the world economy to recover, the economic structure and development mode to undergo major changes and adjustments, and it is also an important opportunity for China's plastic machinery industry to accelerate the pace of adjustment and revitalization, and strive to achieve green development and sustainable development. The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of China's plastic machinery industry will focus on six areas, including precision casting equipment and energy-saving plastic molding and processing equipment. Qian Yaoen, vice president of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, revealed in an interview with China industry news recently that the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of the plastics machinery industry has been formulated

by 2015, China's plastic machinery industry will master a number of core symptoms with independent intellectual property rights: abnormal sound technology of mechanical and electrical parts, develop a number of key products with domestic leading and international advanced technical level, enhance a number of industrial clusters with characteristics and well-known brands, cultivate a number of large enterprises with industry driving force and international competitiveness, and strive to realize the transformation of the plastic machinery industry from big to strong

the development prospect of plastic machinery industry is very promising. With the increase of aging population, the demand for biomaterials and implants such as cardiac pacemakers and artificial knee joints is increasing, which makes medical plastics have the characteristics of large market demand, great development potential and high profits. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, said that plastic, as a polymer material, is the fourth largest structural material after wood, cement and metal. Because all plastics need to be processed by the working machine of plastic machinery to form various plastic products, the plastic machinery industry has a broad market prospect

development goal: to achieve an average annual growth of 12%

according to Qian Yaoen, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's plastic machinery industry maintained a momentum of rapid development. By 2009, the total output value of the plastic machinery industry had risen to 25.848 billion yuan, about 3.2 times that of 2001. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, we should make the industrial economic operation grow by more than 12% on average every year, and achieve the industrial scale goal that the total industrial output value and total sales of the whole industry reach more than 50billion yuan

in terms of scientific and technological level, during the "12th Five Year Plan", China will form more than 30 national and provincial enterprise R & D institutions (national and provincial technology centers) with independent design and manufacturing capabilities, Yang Qingdong, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, said: "Up to now, the proportion of professional and technical personnel has reached more than 3%, the proportion of employees has reached more than 20%, the output value rate of new products will strive to reach 40%, the upgrading of leading products, the high-tech and innovative products with independent intellectual property rights have increased significantly, and the independent innovation ability has made landmark breakthroughs in several fields, reaching the international advanced level.

at the same time, we will vigorously increase market share. Qian Yaoen said that China will strive to improve The quality level of domestic plastic machines, strive to expand the domestic market, so that the domestic market share of domestic plastic machines is stable at about 80%. At the same time, we will vigorously enhance the competitive advantage of export products, focus on developing export markets, and strive to make China's plastic machinery exports reach more than 10billion yuan by 2015

in terms of industrial structure, China will vigorously promote independent innovation, form a number of large furniture enterprises with international competitiveness, and form a number of "specialized, refined and special" specialized production enterprises participating in the international division of labor. By 2015, it will basically form an industrial trend with high-tech as the guide, high-efficiency and energy-saving products as the focus, and today's plastic product design is gradually moving towards a high degree of integration It is an advanced plastic machine manufacturing base with high value-added processing and manufacturing as the highlight and the coordinated development of high, medium and low grades

in terms of development mode. The production organization and important production processes have been improved, the modern manufacturing service industry has been developed, the energy consumption, material consumption and pollutant emission per unit of industrial added value have been significantly reduced, the labor productivity has been significantly improved, and the modern manufacturing service revenue of large enterprise groups accounts for more than 20% of the sales revenue

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