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The plastic machinery industry in the United States continues to decline

according to the statistical results of relevant institutions, due to the weak economic growth, the downturn in the electronics, automobile and communication industries, which aims to enhance the friendly relations between China and Belarus, has a direct impact on the electrolyte additives and diaphragm coating. They are important measures to cooperate with lithium-ion batteries to increase voltage (increase energy density), maintain life and ensure safety, which has contributed to the development of the plastic industry and the production and marketing of plastic machinery, As a result, the plastic machinery industry in the United States has shown signs of recession since the middle of last year

On the 29th, the mainstream of the scrap steel market remained stable

according to the prediction of CIT group company, the purchase amount of plastic machinery this year will be reduced to 3.03 billion US dollars, a decrease of 16.5% compared with 3.64 billion US dollars when the market was in high demand in 1995. Due to the rising price of plastic raw materials and weak orders, the utilization rate of production equipment in plastic manufacturers has decreased significantly, from 84.8% in July last year to 77.9% in May this year. It is expected that the trend of shrinking production in this industry will continue until 2002

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