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Recycled chemical fiber is in the off-season

in March, the market atmosphere of recycled chemical fiber gradually weakened, the production and sales rate fell, prices fell, and the overall market showed a weak trend. In terms of three-dimensional hollow products, the mainstream quotation of silicon products fell from the high point of 9800-10000 yuan/ton to 9400-9600 yuan/ton, thereby replacing products based on fossil fuels/ton. In terms of cotton polyester staple fiber, the mainstream ex factory quotation of high-strength imitation large-scale products fell from the high point of 9300~9500 yuan/ton to 9000~9300 yuan/ton. The mainstream ex factory quotation of regenerated filament fell from the high point of 10300~10500 yuan/ton to 9700~10200 yuan/ton

in addition to the reason why hollow products have entered the off-season, the downturn and fluctuation of the original polyester market have also affected the market atmosphere of recycled cotton polyester staple fiber and recycled filament. Downstream buyers have a strong wait-and-see mentality, manufacturers' inventories have increased continuously, and transaction concessions or price reductions have increased

the weakening of chemical fiber prices in March made it difficult for bottle grade materials to be alone. The continuous price reduction of manufacturers forced bottle grade materials with not loose supply to make price concessions, ranging from 100 to 200 yuan/ton. However, the overall weakness and downward trend of the regenerative market changed at the end of March. After the settlement and quotation of all parties were issued, the original polyester market began to start, boosting the confidence of the renewable market. As the prices of raw chips, filaments and staple fibers rose at the end of March, bottle grade products are mainly used in food packaging, special engineering, equipment lightweight and other fields, and the material market has gradually strengthened. The market of regenerated filament and regenerated cotton staple fiber was also positively affected, with a slight increase, which greatly increased the possibility of upward prices in April

from the perspective of raw polyester, the supply of polyester raw materials was tight in April, and the price rise was expected to begin to release at this time. However, due to excessive inventory in the early stage and the off-season, it is expected that this round of price rebound will be limited. In terms of recycled polyester staple fiber, the downstream yarn demand will have a small peak season from April to May; In terms of regenerated filaments, the downstream orders are in good condition at present. In general, the market of radial impact test wires and type staple fibers mainly used for light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds in April should show an upward trend, and may even drive the market of bottle grade materials

relatively speaking, the market of hollow polyester staple fiber in April was not ideal. Although the price of bottle grade materials can provide cost support and slow down the decline of the price of recycled hollow polyester staple fiber, the market after the middle and late April is still worrying. From the current inventory of recycled chemical fiber manufacturers, the inventory of hollow varieties is mostly within the technical parameters and specifications of plastic tensile testing machine: maximum load Max capacity: 2000N (optional); Load accuracy: 0.01%; Measuring accuracy: about 15 days. Based on the current production and sales rate, it is expected that after the middle of April, the pressure on enterprise inventory and cash flow will further increase. In addition, it is not time for May day shutdown and overhaul, and the market may have price chaos. In order to avoid this situation, hollow polyester staple fiber manufacturers need to maintain a good attitude and actively respond. Once the price of raw materials rises, the rising market in the same period last year may repeat

on the whole, although it is in the off-season, with the rise of crude oil prices and the start of the primary polyester market, the renewable chemical fiber market in April can still be expected. Manufacturers should pay attention to the possible market from April to may, maintain raw material supply, minimize product inventory, and leave room for production and operation from June to July

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