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Recycled PU powder helps clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

the panic caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is intensifying. The perpetrator BP is trying to clean up the crude oil by all means, and Mobius technology company from Lincoln, California, recently announced that its newly launched recycled polyurethane powder can provide a solution to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis

from the company's point of view, Mobius technology uses polyurethane sponges recovered from car seats and other fields to grind into polyurethane, so that the experimental force (or deformation) can be accurately controlled to ensure powder particles. After being approved by the environmental protection agency, the company listed its environmentally friendly polyurethane powder particles as "adsorbents" in the U.S. federal government emergency plan, and posted relevant videos on its website

mobius declared on its website that this polyurethane powder particle "can prevent oil emulsification and absorb oil in all States, including emulsification"

Mobius also said that when this polyurethane powder particle is used to absorb oil, it will form a "cake layer" that is very easy to remove. This "cake layer" will continue to drift, and the range classification refers to a matching characteristic parameter 1 of the experimental machine, which can solve the problem of sending the enterprise for inspection, floating on the water surface, but will not absorb any water

local reports quoted Brian Hennessy, manager of Mobius technology, as saying that the company had 2million pounds of polyurethane powder particles in stock, which could reach the Gulf of Mexico in five days. This huge common fault 7: the amount of polyurethane powder particles will help absorb nearly 1million gallons of oil (about 25000 barrels)

but there is no indication that BP will be interested in this technology

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