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Sichuan refuses to allow "garbage enterprises" to enter the West

Sichuan Province is currently rapidly correcting and stopping the bias of "attracting investment and pollution" and making every effort to block backward "garbage enterprises" such as elimination and pollution

since last year, Sichuan has had a strong momentum of attracting investment and development in the western development, and the number of funds and projects introduced ranks first among the western provinces, cities and autonomous regions, but there are also worrying new situations: some obsolete, backward and polluting "garbage enterprises" have entered Sichuan in the West. Outstanding performance is:

introduced some enterprises with low technology content and low product grade. Some counties and townships are "hungry and greedy" in attracting investment, ignoring the quality and benefits of attracting investment, and introducing some "garbage enterprises" with low technological content and poor product grade. Since last year, two individual bosses in Western Sichuan and central Sichuan have successively purchased three sets of obsolete and backward beverage production equipment from a food and beverage company in Guangdong at a cost of nearly 700000 yuan each, making the product qualification rate of the small beverage factory after putting into operation almost "0", and all the goods produced are overstocked and unsalable. On the day of putting into operation, the equipment will become a "waste enterprise" lying on the ground "sleeping", Two individual bosses shouted one after another, "the dilapidated garbage equipment in the East has made our enterprises in the West suffer.". In a county in Western Sichuan, the production capacity of machine brick factory has exceeded several times the local market capacity. In recent years, the production and sales rate of machine brick is only 15%. Not long ago, some villages were still secretly planning to introduce nearly 1million yuan from Eastern merchants to build a new small machine brick factory. This year, a self-employed man in East Sichuan spent more than 1700 yuan to introduce a jinpuli clothing beauty machine from Wuhan, Hubei Province to run a clothing dry cleaning shop in the county. When the machine was transported to the newly opened shop, it was found that the whole equipment was rusty, the parts of the dye vat of the dry cleaner were incomplete, the support of the boiler was broken, the door of the dryer could not be closed, the iron pipe leaked, the power switch failed, and the whole equipment could not be dry cleaned or renovated, It turned out to be a pile of useless garbage equipment that could not operate. The position of grounding installation should be convenient for wiring

"attracting investment and pollution". Some polluting enterprises have transferred to Western Sichuan on a large scale and introduced some polluting enterprises that have been eliminated by overseas or eastern provinces and cities. A tannery was introduced into the upper reaches of the Pihe River in a County near the outskirts of Chengdu on the Western Sichuan plain, which is a heavily polluting enterprise under strict control. On March 8 this year, the Chengdu environmental protection department ordered it to stop construction and select another site, which did not cause serious consequences of drinking water source pollution of many urban and rural residents with environmental problems. The township and village cadres of two counties in the hilly region of Sichuan each introduced a businessman from the east to invest millions of yuan in a joint venture with farmers to build a paper mill without pollution control capacity in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The county found and stopped the construction after breaking the ground. Northern Sichuan and southwestern Sichuan have successively found three merchants who have successively introduced from the east to build new factories using waste plastics for "oil refining" in rural areas or near small towns without authorization. Because the toxic smoke and dust produced by burning waste plastics were unbearable, the masses objected, and they were ordered to close down. In some counties and townships, in recent years, many small ceramic enterprises that are polluted by burning oil and coal in the east of China have gone bankrupt and closed down. Many small ceramic enterprise bosses in Fujian, Guangdong and other places have moved to Sichuan in the west to build small ceramic factories

in view of the deviation of "attracting investment and pollution" in some places in the western development, and the large-scale westward entry of "garbage enterprises" such as elimination, backwardness and pollution into Sichuan, all parts of Sichuan have made it a top priority to correct and stop the influx of "garbage enterprises" into the West, and have taken or are taking strong and resolute measures to correct and stop them quickly:

first, optimize the economic structure and prevent all enterprises that do not conform to the industrial policy from entering Sichuan, All enterprises that do not conform to the industrial policy of the western development are forbidden to introduce, establish projects and start construction, and those who violate it should only ask the relevant leaders and people

second, strictly control the investment attraction, ensure that the investment attraction does not attract pollution, implement the environmental protection "one vote veto" for the projects that attract investment, and prohibit and block all polluting enterprises that eliminate equipment, processes, products, etc. from transferring to Western Sichuan

third, the deviation of the introduction of "garbage enterprises" compared with the frequently used titanium alloy was resolutely corrected and severely investigated. The province has blocked the entry of nearly 1000 "garbage enterprises" in succession, and several responsible persons and leaders who introduced obsolete and backward equipment and processes and caused environmental pollution and ecological damage due to lax control in attracting investment were promptly and seriously dealt with. Chengdu has ordered a Qionglai relocation paper mill project that does not comply with the technical policy for the prevention and control of waste water pollution in the straw paper industry not to go through the project approval procedures; Another businessman chose to build a new chemical plant in the outskirts of a city in Western Sichuan, which still selected backward and obsolete chemical equipment and processes in the late 1960s, and was unable to control chlorine leakage, which was also fooled and rejected by the city

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