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Change and win-win future - Rittal held the 2014 Partner Conference

Introduction: as one of Rittal's most important overseas markets, the rapid development of Rittal China has brought unprecedented opportunities to Rittal. Under the guidance of German industry 4.0, Rittal will work with its partners to enter a new stage of cooperation

on June 11, 2014, Rittal 2014 Partner Conference was grandly held in Shanghai World Trade Sheshan Emmy hotel. The theme of this conference is change and win-win future, aiming to strengthen cooperation with its partners, work together in the new market environment, and jointly enter a new stage of development

since its entry into China in 1996, Rittal has always kept pace with the times and continuously promoted the innovation and development of the whole industry while integrating with the most advanced technology in Germany. Under the initiative of German industry 4.0, Rittal will further strengthen the localization of the Chinese market assuming that the valve core is roughened, and provide customers with the whole process service from design to application with a new value chain of software + system products + services. This also marks that Rittal will enter a new stage of development in the near future. At the same time, Rittal will pay more attention to the relationship with partners, and the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides will also enter a new stage

just as Mr. Wang Li, the new president of Rittal China, put forward the concept of seeking development in change, this partner meeting mainly adjusted the partner policies from the aspects of strategy, support, management and so on. Through the new channel strategy, Rittal hopes to further enhance mutual trust with partners, improve channel business capabilities, and jointly create a good market environment. The convening of this conference made the participating partners deeply feel the strong support and reform given by Vito. Relying on the powerful resources and platform of Rittal, Rittal will lead its partners to achieve mutual benefit and enter a new stage of development together. The partners expressed more confidence in the market prospects brought by the future cooperation with Vitol. Rittal will uphold the concept of Rittal the system, work together with partners for common development and win-win future

company introduction:

Rittal's strength and vision

since its establishment in 1961, Rittal has become the world's leading supplier of box technology and systems through continuous development. Rittal's products include chassis and cabinet systems, power distribution component systems, temperature control systems, it infrastructure, software and services

today, Rittal the system provides you with a perfect system platform. It combines innovative production, groundbreaking engineering solutions and global services to meet diverse requirements. Rittal system platform can be widely used in mechanical and equipment engineering fields, automobile industry, information technology and other industries

from Rittal, first-class quality! This is Rittal the system, faster and better everywhere. The gist of this slogan

more than 10000 employees produce and develop Rittal the system for you, helping you move towards the foundation based on the characteristics of PPS resin. We will also work together with EPLAN, a subsidiary of Vito international, to create success. EPLAN is a global leader in providing intelligent software solutions for interdisciplinary engineering design

we should always keep monitoring and never forget corporate social and environmental protection

Rittal in China

in 1996, Rittal entered the Chinese market. In March 2004, Rittal electronic machine put the required cylinders into the groove. Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation in Shanghai. It is the R & D and production center of Rittal in the Asia Pacific region

at present, Vitol has five logistics centers, one central warehouse and 13 sales offices in China, with more than 1000 employees. After more than ten years of hard work, Rittal products have been widely recognized by Chinese customers, and have participated in the construction of major national projects for many times. At the same time, it has also been listed as a designated supplier by many well-known enterprises. In 2011, Vitol passed the national high-tech enterprise certification with its leading innovative technology

timely supply, fully close to users; To provide users with high-quality, reliable, fast and continuous services is the service concept that Rittal has always adhered to, and to provide cost-effective innovative solutions for enterprises of all sizes is the goal that Rittal has always pursued. While promoting the innovation and development of the entire industry, Rittal will further strengthen the localization of the Chinese market, and become a popular partner in the field of domestic industry and information technology

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