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[Shanxi example of reform and innovation] Shen Qinglin: construction waste nemesis machine manufacturing King

[core tips] Shen Qinglin is a person from Hongdong County, Shanxi Province, and the legal representative of Linfen Xinrui mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. He came from a farmer and graduated from junior high school, but he obtained 15 national invention patents; He is gentle in appearance and thin in body, but he has a strong heart that will never admit defeat

his inventions are grounded and difficult to solve, and a number of products fill the domestic gap. The products radiate all over the country and are exported to Algeria and other African countries and regions...

SHEN Qinglin, born in 1972, started as a small welding shop owner and now heads a large machinery and equipment manufacturing company. From loving machine parts processing to caring, he has made a steady and steady step by step along the way

after graduating from junior high school, Shen Qinglin replaced his father into the machine repair workshop of Xiangfen auto parts factory and became an apprentice. He left his job for pursuing the dream of freedom in machine parts manufacturing, and then he didn't listen to his relatives' advice and had to build an electric welding shop

at that time, Shen Qinglin, who was young and vigorous, used collected waste to weld multi-functional coal stoves for rural households, improved corn threshers, and then improved straw choppers, corn straw crushers, medium-sized blowers, small four-wheel loaders, four-wheel back tippers and other agricultural tools. "Only by inventing and innovating can we make money more easily than others". Shen Qing PCU surface light chemical change forest, which has tasted the benefits again and again, has not only achieved economic returns, but also satisfied his long cherished wish of "stirring up machinery" to a certain extent

with the passage of time and changes in the market, Shen Qinglin shifted the focus of development to energy-saving and environmental protection machinery and facilities. In 2008, he registered the trademark of "Jinsha brand" and established Linfen Xinrui machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd

in recent years, with the development of economy and society and the continuous acceleration of urbanization in China, the associated construction waste is produced in an alarming amount every year, which affects the environment and is difficult to dispose of

in February 2013, the "three rotor high-efficiency hammer crusher" developed by Shen Qinglin came out. What you eat is stones, bricks and concrete blocks, and what you spit out is recycled building aggregate that can replace natural sand and stone

in 2015, he invented an upgraded version of the crusher - "three rotor combined crusher", which makes the pulverizing process more energy-saving and environmental friendly, covers a small area, and greatly improves the production efficiency. It is twice the output of the general traditional crusher. Its length is more than 1 meter, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 50%

in 2016, the "sand making and washing machine" invented by him achieved the ideal effect of floor use without on-site installation. The equipment is equipped with sewage treatment function, which can operate automatically in the whole process. The operation is simple and practical, energy-saving and environmental protection

13. Overall dimension: About 1170 * 750 * years, he invented the adjustable speed tripod stone mill, which places the ancient Chinese tripod culture sample close to the support, and makes the back of the sample notch face the pendulum blade, the perfect combination of farming culture and modern science and technology. The design is exquisite and easy to move, and it can be started and processed when powered on anywhere. Once it came out, it has been favored by people from all walks of life

at present, the sewage treatment equipment and sludge dehydrator developed by Shen Qinglin have been prototype and entered the stage of field test and commissioning

along the way, Shen Qinglin sighed a lot: "in fact, life is a process of tempering. Only by constantly tempering yourself, you will have experience that others have never had, and you will do things that others can't do. Matched with this, there is the significance of persistence. You can't stop trying because you can't see hope. You can't see hope only after you work hard."

since 2013, Shen Qinglin has applied for 15 national patents, and has also been listed on various podiums such as the "May 1st Labor Medal of Linfen City", "the first Pingyang craftsman of Linfen City", "top talent of Linfen City", etc

on the tall wall opposite the production workshop of Linfen Xinrui mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., there are three lines of slogans: "do normal things carefully, turn possible things into possible things, and turn bad things into good things". There are 24 words on the podium of the company's conference room: "attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure, goals determine direction, and actions achieve excellence."

the most appreciated scenery is the footprints of your own struggle, and the proudest journey is the difficulties you overcome. The perfect match for your dream is not talent, but lasting passion. Shen Qinglin said that he would always maintain his entrepreneurial passion, continue to carry forward the "Hongdong spirit" and "craftsman spirit", and forge ahead bravely on the road of invention and creation

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