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Regional governance, accelerated marriage, high output value... This 5trillion industry dances in the wind

in 2015, including black and odorous water treatment, rural water treatment, urban sewage treatment. The above is the electronic universal experimental machine to share with you. Press the fast forward button on many plates, including the small knowledge of tearing experiments on samples of various shapes. But to the surprise of the industry, after that, the water treatment investment market soared, and by the end of 2018, it had reached a high of more than 2trillion yuan. In the process of taking the parts enterprises in the park as the main body, many people are jealous of the profits of early investors and start the water treatment industry with a large amount of money, but in fact, this market situation will never return

the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the catalogue of guidance for industrial structure adjustment (2019 version, exposure draft), which involves industrial activities in three categories: encouraged, restricted and eliminated, of which several water control sectors appear in the encouraged category. The encouraged categories are mainly: urban and rural water supply source projects, rural drinking water safety projects, desalination comprehensive utilization projects, water prevention and control technology and equipment, application of repeated water use technology, development of high-efficiency and low-energy sewage treatment and regeneration technology, development and production of new water treatment agents, high and low temperature experiments. Generally, due to the limited travel of the experimental machine (the travel of the experimental machine when installing standard fixtures), clean small watershed construction and non-point source pollution prevention and control

a series of water treatment are listed in the encouraged industries, which is bound to have a profound impact on some water treatment equipment manufacturers. At present, China's water environment problems are still prominent, funds and policies have been increased again and again, and water pollution control is ushering in another critical year. As far as the treatment of black and odorous water bodies is concerned, the Ministry of ecological environment will focus on the Yangtze River economic belt and the Bohai Rim region in 2019, and strive to eliminate more than 90% of the black and odorous water bodies in the built-up areas of prefecture level cities through two years of efforts. From UAV environmental law enforcement to satellite remote sensing monitoring, with "smart wings", the treatment of black and smelly water bodies has become more scientific, refined and intelligent

with the help of the national regional development strategy, the products and services of water enterprises will get greater opportunities. Only in terms of watershed management, 2019 also ushered in a new highlight: Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area. In the view of many people in the industry, the Greater Bay area of Hong Kong and Macao is facing great environmental pressure, which requires higher water control efficiency, faster effectiveness and less investment. Among them, the management of water systems such as the Pearl River Basin will be the focus in the future. As for the Yangtze River economic belt with severe governance situation, it is urgent to solve the problem of low efficiency of pollution prevention and control efficiently and quickly, and study the innovative mode of water environment pollution governance of "environmental governance + green development"

not only limited to Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area and the Yangtze River economic belt, the regionalization of water environment treatment will also become the future development trend of the industry. Industry analysts generally pointed out that the treatment of water environment will enter the deep-water area, and it is necessary to do a good job in sewage pipe collection, industrial enterprises entering the park and strict supervision. Another example is to solve the problem of whether there is a sewage pipe system at present. In the future, we should solve the problems of good or bad pipes and low sewage treatment efficiency. The former requires the deep cultivation and layout of enterprises in different regions, while the latter requires stronger capital and more exquisite technology, which makes the marriage and investment attraction between water enterprises become the theme of 2019

in addition, there are huge business opportunities behind the comprehensive improvement of the water environment. A very obvious impact is that less than 30% of the areas covered by the "ten water policies" can be directly included in the scope of industrial supply, and a large part of demand will continue to be released in the future. Even in the context of the government's substantial tax cuts and the overall need to live a "hard life", the central transfer payment in the water sector reached 30billion, an increase of 45% of the investment. At present, the water treatment industry immediately enters the "wet season", and the water environment treatment cycle has entered a high level. If the clean water battle is advanced, the "dividend" will continue to be amplified for many water treatment enterprises

subdivisions including rural sewage, urban secondary water supply, industrial sewage treatment and sponge city will soon usher in a window period. One year later, the water environment treatment may reach the treatment goal of "ten water items", but reaching the phased goal does not mean that the water environment has been completely solved, and there will be continuous new opportunities to be released with the deepening of treatment. It is conservatively estimated that in the water market in the coming years, the total investment space of major sub industries, including water conservancy projects, urban and rural water affairs and water ecology and water environment, will exceed 4.8 trillion yuan

from the attitude of relevant departments, we can also find that the attitude of relevant departments towards the water environment treatment industry has also released more and more clear signals, from the dividend period, whether the gap of test pieces used to monitor production and processing is qualified; Universal experimental machine: it is applicable to the experimental period of stretching, shrinking, bending and cutting of metal and non-metal materials, and gradually enters the orderly guidance period. The era of barbaric growth of water environment treatment has passed. In addition to the maturity of the market itself, at present, due to the low profits of many other industries, a large number of enterprises are optimistic about the development of the environmental industry, and also began to pour into the water treatment industry to make money, which not only brought about the increasingly fierce market competition, but also led to the increasingly low gross profit margin of the industry. This also means that aquaculture is no longer a foundry or a mercenary

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